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Tune in, Turn On, Trip out!

Without a doubt, Digital Acid is one of the weirdest apps for iPhone that I've come across so far. It's an art mashup video tool that features a bunch of supposedly hallucinagenic films accompanied by their own equally trippy soundtracks. The idea behind Digital Acid is that it's virtually a digital drugs image that works by playing the video and staring at the centre of the screen and then staring at your hand to get the desired hallucinogenic effect. I can hear you laughing now but...give it a try.   Digital Acid claims to be an original hallucination inducing abstract app. The ...  More

Digital Acid Mar 17th 2012

Make your Instagrams more Pinteresting

Pingram is a free photosharing application where you can display and share your cool Instagram photos inside a tasty looking interface that works just like the very popular Pinterest. It was developed with both Instagram and Pinterest in mind because those two apps are at the cutting edge of both photo warping and addictive photosharing techniques. What's more, Pingram also serves as a URL shortener and users can get a free URL page with your very own vanity personalized address.   I guess you know a fair bit about the photosharing application  Pinterest by now. Its been slated ...  More Mar 2nd 2012

See what's cooking on the web.

Most food sites are a collection of unrelated recipes. Pages and pages of recipes from one source. Punchfork offers a new take on the traditional online food site by taking top quality recipes from the best culinary sites like Serious Eats, Simply Recipes, The Kitchn and 101 Cookbooks and using customer tweets and Facebook recommendations to rate them. Then they are presented in a beautiful magazine-style easy to use interface.  More

Punchfork Aug 26th 2011

MyRW - The Free Article Rewriter

About / Welcome / Introduction Welcome to this unique paraphrase - article rewriting tool. A ...  More

saas editor posts

Jan 13th 2018

Get Some Internet

Get Some Internet is a web application that will help you to never be bored again. It ...  More

content mashup organiser

Jul 9th 2016

Color Mixing

How fast can you Mix colors to get the perfect color needed. Color Mixing teach you how to ...  More

mashup game design

Sep 28th 2015

Experience Finder

A map mashup experience finder on the home page to allow users to search for products more ...  More

web mashup website

Nov 22nd 2013


A mashapp is a combination of at least 3 hardware or software items that create something new to ...  More

mashup design

Jan 31st 2013

Cliq Flip

CliqFlip is a new social discovery app made for meeting new people. We connect you with new ...  More

friends marketing marketplace

Sep 14th 2012


Streetgram offers a convenient way to look for Instagram photos and users. Completely built ...  More

geolocalisation maps mashup

Jul 28th 2012

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