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Managing News

Managing News is a robust news and data aggregation engine with pluggable visualization and ...  More

news mashup rss

is also at

is also at is a web service that lets you access all your social sites through a single ...  More

identity management social


News Verse is a news and media aggregator that uses social media, like Twitter and Facebook, ...  More

news mashup social


Yoono’s mission is to help you stay connected to your friends and family, discover cool ...  More

mashup social


iwingle simplifies the world of social networking, allowing you to learn more about all the ...  More

social mashup


Vinehub is a new application being developed to connect all of your accounts on major social ...  More

social mashup identity


Do you want one view of all your online metrics?

Aggregate all your online statistics ...  More

stats mashup social allows you to search using multiple search engines for websites, info, lyrics, ...  More

search mashup


WebDigr provides free information to webmasters about their websites and competitors’. It ...  More

domain stats seo


Manage your files located on web services, social networks, and computer systems in one ...  More

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