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Free One Click Photo Editing

I do like a good photo tool. I love going through my precious photos and maybe adding a filter to the colors or tweaking them slightly to make them really stand out. Just as long as it isn't Hipstamatic green that is. At holiday time these tools are indispensable in turning your photos into fantastic and very cool images worthy of your greeting. Picfull is a free photo design tool that gives you a variety of filters and effects to turn even the dullest photo of your sister into a visual treat.     Picfull makes it incredibly easy to customize and filter photos in real time. ...  More

Picfull Oct 20th 2011

Instant Websites for Nonprofits. No Learning Required

If you are going to set up a nonprofit and donation enabled website there's absolutely no reason for it to look shabby. Organizing staff need help but don’t always have the knowledge or big budget to seek it out. Truth is, most people who start nonprofit organizations are really passionate about their mission though not so much when it comes to technology, web design or fundraising. That’s where Bellstrike comes in. They are passionate about all of that and want to help small nonprofit organizations free their time and energy to fulfill their missions. With domain design tools ...  More

Bellstrike Oct 20th 2011

Make some noise.

Sometimes words just aren't enough are they? Sometimes to get your true feelings across you need a button to get your message across with bells on. Or maybe you just to want to create a bit of a buzz on something you are trying to promote. Make it big...make it bright...make it a button. Button Party is a fun audio design tool that will get your message across and you'll maybe put a smile on people's faces too.   Button Party is a website that lets you make some noise in the big world out there. It enables you to create buttons that play sounds and then you can share them with your ...  More

Button Party Oct 20th 2011

Carbonmade for Restaurants

It's daunting enough opening your own restaurant without all the other things that go along with it. The location...the staff...the food...what else is there? Ah yes.. advertising. Without doubt one of the most important decisions you are going to make is about your website. Do you go out and commission a company to handle your website design of do you take up your own valuable time doing the whole thing yourself. There is a brilliant and cost effective solution. Theme Force is a design tool that provides you with all the ammunition you need to easily put together an affordable, powerful ...  More

Theme Force Oct 19th 2011

Making it easy to publish your pages on Facebook

I'm surprised that more people don't advertise their services on Facebook. After all, it's one of the last free advertising mediums left and, arguably, it's one of the biggest. But there's a difference between just creating an advert and creating a Facebook Page that can amuse and really engage with your customers. Pholiofy is a Facebook business design tool that helps you create a multifaceted smorgasbord of images, videos and feeds in your Facebook Page easily and quickly.     Pholiofy is a Facebook Pages publishing platform that removes all the barriers to businesses who ...  More

Pholiofy Oct 15th 2011

Collaborate on visuals

If you run a business that uses a lot of visuals then you probably waste a lot of time in meetings with the rest of the project team discussing and editing photographs and graphics. Either that or emails are pinged around the office on an individual project basis as a file of visual material is passed around.  More

The Commentor Mar 17th 2010

Edit multimedia online for free!

The Filelab Web App is an  audio and video design tool for Windows and is designed specifically to solve various common problems that may occur when sharing audio and video files. The tools available here make it possible to turn your video and music into something even more impressive with bells hanging from them if thats what you want. To make life very simple your finished files are launched directly into your browser for easy sharing.     FileLab Web App is designed to solve common user tasks with its video editing and adio editing tools. FileLab Video Editor is an ...  More

FileLab Web Apps Oct 13th 2011

Awesome retro-look photo in seconds!

It's always so exciting when you find a bunch of photos from your past that you'd forgotten all about. They have a different quality to them don't they? Much as i love the ease and simplicity of digital photography there is something about an SLR and the paper print that makes them look great and memorable. I don't know about you but I often fiddle about with the sepia tinting to experiment with new shots but you never really get that distinct faded and aged look. SimpleRetro is a photo design tool that transformers your photos into retro looking masterpieces with a vintage look to them. ...  More

SimpleRetro Oct 14th 2011

free mobile event app

When it's entertainment you are putting together it always helps if there's someone with a little entrepreneurial nous to ensure that things run smoothly and all facets of your event are looked after. There needs to be information for all sides of the program to be catered for and that means your visitors, your sponsors, your performers and not forgetting you guys...the organizers. twoppy is a free online  event design mobile tool that will cater to everybody.   twoppy enables free online and mobile tools for event visitors, organizers, performers and sponsors. By utilizing ...  More

twoppy Oct 9th 2011

Mobilizing the World's Content

Figures released recently suggest the future of personal computing will be more to do with the mobile versions rather than the home computer. They sell more tablets these days than they do laptops. And mobiles have gone through the roof. So it makes real sense these days to have a mobile version of your regular website. Moably is a domain design tool for your blog or mobile that enables you to create a mobile version of your website and blog. And you can do it for free. That's right, it's free and with no monthly charges either.   Moably is a mobile website builder that let's the user ...  More

Moably Oct 3rd 2011

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