Math apps

MathSmart Flashcards

MATHSMART Flashcards is a smart math flashcard app that monitors what you know and where you ...  More

subtraction addition division

Apr 21st 2021

Mathematical Run

Discover a new immersive, unique and intuitive gaming experience to learn math while having ...  More

logic timetables fractions

Mar 31st 2021

Psychometric Tests

Practice numerical & verbal reasoning tests and improve your scores with the Psychometric Tests ...  More

education android os

Mar 20th 2020

MetaNumbers is a free mathematical tool that provides detailed information about any ...  More

learning tool math

Nov 14th 2019 is a free online graphing calculator which helps people in plotting graphs with ...  More

chart graphing math

Nov 1st 2019

Kakuro Game

Also known as Cross Sums, Kakuro is a mix between a crossword and sudoku puzzle. Unlike a ...  More

puzzle android math

Sep 12th 2019

Number Flow

Number Flow is a new number puzzle for iOS and Android that is a combination between 'Flow Free' ...  More

puzzle android math

May 2nd 2019


Are you good at math? If so, try your skills with this app. If not so, train yourself with ...  More

puzzlegame android math puzzle

Apr 22nd 2019

The Container

Remember the contests you entered as a child, at a birthday party or county fair? The ones where ...  More

game contest puzzle

Feb 15th 2019

Scalar Scientific Calculator, Charts & Scripts

Scalar is much more than a calculator. Scalar is a powerful math engine and math scripting ...  More

calculator math function charts

Jan 1st 2019

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