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Notes Lock

Notes Lock is a comprehensive app that password-protects your secret notes and voice memos. In ...  More

tools security organize

Sep 4th 2015

Social Media Vault

Access all your social media accounts with a single password. Moreover, the app has secondary ...  More

security people password

Sep 4th 2015

InstaRepost - Gram Reposter

Gram Reposter 2.2 - a must have app for any Instagramer to repost or regram Instagram photos and ...  More

android social photoshare

Aug 15th 2015


zeefeed is a new way to vote and comment on the best topics & links. Users can start topics and ...  More

community media news

Jul 11th 2015

The ISLAM App - Free

Our ISLAM APP has a beautiful Islamic Theme. Simple to use with beneficial links. All ...  More

education media android

May 19th 2015


Imagine you are watching a video on ‪‎YouTube‬, then you watch on, then you ...  More

content media social

May 19th 2015


Lumière helps video creators gather rich feedback from their audiences to help ...  More

advertising analytics marketing

May 18th 2015

Sorty for Whatsapp

Organize your pictures and videos received from Whatsapp with Sorty! 1.- Sort easily your ...  More

file images media

May 18th 2015


Qrate.TV is a web application which provides for social curating of online video and permits ...  More

media social video

May 15th 2015

Motion Array helps you make amazing videos. Creating a high quality video can be expensive. ...  More

advertising ecommerce marketing

May 15th 2015

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