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Medical Summaries, Chronologies, Medical Records Review for Personal Injury Law Firm

Manthan Legal’s team of attorneys, paralegals and paramedical staff work round the clock to ...  More

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Study Scavenger

App to help research subjects find clinical research studies that they qualify for based off of ...  More

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Calm Down Now

Calm Down Now is the best app for stress relief & sleep. Do you suffer from anxiety or panic ...  More

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ID My Pill

Do your worry that your pharmacist gave you the wrong pill? Are you concerned if you find a ...  More

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ZocDoc Clone

Still searching an apt appointment Booking Software for instantly connecting with doctors? Have ...  More

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The App, available for Android and iOS, offers guided encounters. The voice of Carlo Boschi, ...  More

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Dry Eye App for the iPhone

Dry Eye App for the iPhone. Easily Track Your Dry Eye Disease Symptoms and Dry Eye Therapies to ...  More

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Read the latest doctor-reviewed health news from Stay up-to-date with breaking ...  More

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Stop Drinking Using a Proven Effective Alternative to AA

Changing your drinking habits is easy now with the proven effective alternative to AA, Habit ...  More

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3D InterActive Heart

The 3D Interactive Heart provides an interactive view of the human heart and the user can ...  More

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