Medical apps


EjaContro stands for “Ejaculation Control”; The 1st mobile application that helps in treating ...  More

therapy medical android

Sep 28th 2018


SwissMedFlight is a Swiss company based in Geneva. She specializes in medical care in Budapest, ...  More

budapest dental cosmetic

Feb 26th 2018


Chart your Crohn's with Plop app. Made by a Crohn's sufferer for Crohn's suffers, Plop is ...  More

ios health crohn's

May 15th 2017


Cannabapp is America's #1 Medical Cannabis Guide. Designed for Medical Cannabis Patients it ...  More

alternative lidestyle cannabis

Mar 4th 2017

Medical ID

Medical ID allows you to create medical profiles that are accessible from the lock screen of ...  More

lockscreen health medical

Sep 25th 2016

Bairo Engage

Doctor-patient communication is the #1 problem in healthcare. The Bairo Engage secured messaging ...  More

ios android business

Mar 20th 2016

Radiation Coach

Radiation Coach gives you and your family the support, advice and answers you need to succeed in ...  More

andorid ios health

Feb 6th 2016


SenseSleep features a simple 3-step process to help users regularly enjoy deep, nourishing and ...  More

science health iphone

Jan 27th 2016

Crohn Assistant

I made this application because I've been suffering from Crohn's disease since 2010. I utilized ...  More

tools medical health

Dec 2nd 2015

Touchkin - StayClose

Care across continents, without saying a word. Get real-time visibility of your family’s ...  More

wellness social mobile apps

Nov 30th 2015

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