Medical apps

Mednoid Medical Search

Mednoid Medical Search App, which is specifically dedicated to help answer questions related to ...  More

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Nov 27th 2014

Hospity - Hospital Management

Hospity Service Use To Create A Hospital Management System for Clinic,Medical,Pharmacy ...  More

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Oct 23rd 2014

CBT Keeper

CBT Keeper teaches simple techniques that will help you overcome depression and anxiety. While ...  More

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Oct 15th 2014

First Derm

“First Derm” is an award-winning "ask the dermatologist" app that allows you to get screened at ...  More

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Sep 27th 2014

Ayurvedic Herb

This Application provides list of Ayurvedic Plants along with its details and image (picture) ...  More

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Sep 26th 2014

DeStress Box

DeStress Box is a benefit box, not just an ordinary box. It’s filled with lifestyle, relaxation, ...  More

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Sep 18th 2014

Sleep Test

You have a sleep problem and want to know more about it ? Then, with schlaf-test you have found ...  More

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Aug 12th 2014

Parkinson's Central

Parkinson’s Central was created to empower people with Parkinson's and those who care for them ...  More

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Aug 7th 2014


All-in-One Mental Health Assessment Solution. Tap in your Answers; Export Your Reports  More

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Jun 30th 2014


All-in-one mental health assessments made EASY!

Comprehensive Mental State ...  More

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Jun 13th 2014

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