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SimplePractice is the highest rated practice management software for therapists, social ...  More

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Jun 6th 2014

Find My Medicine

An App to find the names of your medicines abroad and travel more relaxed.

Either if ...  More

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May 28th 2014


MEDIGO is a curated healthcare market that list clinics around the world, making medical travel ...  More

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May 15th 2014

Voice Test

This software offers you the chance to test your voice and check for vocal fold health risk. ...  More

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May 11th 2014

Borderline and Beyond- BPD Help

Laura Paxton also holds two master's degrees, one in psychology and a specialist degree in ...  More

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May 9th 2014


Teaches children with autism how to answer Wh-questions. Works with a different teaching ...  More

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May 6th 2014

Emergency Profile

Emergency profile is a simple and neat way to store critical emergency and contact information ...  More

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May 6th 2014


This app will help you become a master of injection therapy. Cortisone injections are without a ...  More

medical ios ipad

Apr 20th 2014

Pulse Oximeter

The only app to assess both the heart rate and blood oxygen saturation without peripherals. It ...  More

medical ios ipod touch

Apr 18th 2014

DOChoo Healthcare Messenger

DOChoo Healthcare Messenger is the best and simple way for Doctors and Healthcare ...  More

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Apr 8th 2014

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