Medical apps


This App will save lives. The Football NeckSafe App is a clinical decision support tool based on ...  More

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Mar 7th 2014

Me & Mine Health

An app that helps you keep up to date with your own and your family's healthcare. Schedules for ...  More

medical ios ipad

Mar 1st 2014


StudyMyTremor uses a highly sophisticated, scientifically proven algorithm to measure and ...  More


Feb 18th 2014


For physicians in training, learning antibiotic coverage has always been a herculean task based ...  More

medical ios ipod touch

Feb 17th 2014

Pain Point

Pain Point allows patients to track their pain and share it with their doctor or care giver. It ...  More

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Jan 22nd 2014

Speak Up For Parkinson's

The Speak Up for Parkinson’s app is a useful tool for Parkinson’s patients to ...  More

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Jan 11th 2014

Apple A Day RX

Apple A Day RX’ is an information prescriber database for common medical conditions using ...  More

medical health ios

Jan 6th 2014

Hettich Lab

Hettich Lab is a free app made especially with the Hettich customers in mind. It is the resource ...  More

medical ios ipad

Dec 11th 2013


App to help research subjects find clinical research studies that they qualify for based off of ...  More

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Dec 7th 2013

IMedicine Review Course (Lite)

This is a Lite version of a more in-depth app, this sample version is restricted and provides ...  More

medical ios ipad

Dec 7th 2013

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