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You can run, but you can't hide...

I've lost count of the times when I've agreed to meet friends at a particular bar or restaurant and one of us haven't been able to find the place. EchoEcho is a geo-social tool for your mobile that let's you find exactly where anyone in your address book is at any time of the day or night. And they will show you with the added benefit of a map showing you how to find them. Texting your location is like dancing your phone number. EchoEcho shows you exactly where you and your friends are on a map. No more wasting time pruning your friend lists.  More

EchoEcho Dec 6th 2011

Sell Therapy, Counseling, Tax Advice, Computer Help, and More - Sell what you say

If you can rattle on expertly over the telephone on a particular subject then you could earn money doing it on this site.   More

Ether basically provides a connection service that puts people in need of advice in touch with an expert in the relevant field. Offering more than just a directory service the site handles the telephone or email connections ensuring privacy for both parties and also collects the payments on behalf of the expert.  More

Ether Sep 19th 2009

People Powered Yellow Pages

One definition of the word mojo is that is an often elusive quality that sets one person apart from everyone else. In the case of the aim is to set businesses apart from each other on account of a rating system based on customer reviews.  More

There are quite a few directory sites around that offer a marketing platform for local businesses and provide a rating opportunity for customers. These reviews are generally restricted to members however the mojo model goes a bit further.  More

MojoPages Jul 1st 2009

Communautary urban guide

Cafesworld is a fledgling travel and social event tool  that gives you an idea of the quality of cool cafes in some of the biggest cities in the United Kingdom, Canada, France and even Australia. There are many that actively hunt out the great coffee places in the world and base their holidays around those meccas to caffeine. Cafesworld takes that one step further by encouraging locals and travelers to recommend and share their favorite cafes in their favorite towns and cities around the world.     Given that we all travel so much these days it is an added bonus if a ...  More Oct 6th 2011

Expat life made easy

If your job is about to send you far away and into the exciting but sometimes slightly frightening world of the expat then you really need to know what you’ll get for your dollars.   More

Expatistan’s collaborative approach to worldwide price comparisons is certainly a great place to get an overview of what to expect when you rock up in a strange city. It could also be of use in your salary negotiations.  More

Expatistan Mar 24th 2010

When you need it now!

Now here's a great idea. Imagine you're camping out somewhere and you forgot to pick up some important thing you need. Or maybe you have an important dinner party at home and you forgot to pick up the mango chutney. If you need it now Swifto can help. This local marketplace tool is a unique way of solving your pressing problem whether it's a car mechanic or a pool boy that you're after. Just send out a request on Swifto and they'll find someone who can help you.  More

Swifto Sep 8th 2011

Discover like never before!


Trending! It's a fascinating thing. We've all seen it on Twitter and it tends to follow obvious patterns. The most popular subjects, videos and pictures are batted back and forth on the web and they become viral. Pretty soon the video of the cute talking dog you saw on your Facebook account from a friend in Timbuktu is suddenly coming at you from all directions. So wouldn't it be great if you could influence that? allows you to influence just what people are watching and sharing.  More

infactious Aug 12th 2011

It's On Meet

Buying someone a drink is the oldest, most effective way to say: "I admire your work and am ...  More

connectwithpurpose technology professionals mentors

Jul 24th 2022


When you accept a business card from someone that is a social contract: CONTACT ME! Yet 88% ...  More

follow marketing tools meeting new people

Jan 27th 2022


ZipoApps acquires the best apps and take them to the next level. We are a vibrant mobile ...  More

company app development

Jan 26th 2022

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