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Create a parallel Facebook network so that your mom can't see what you are doing

The life for the modern day student can be rather lonely and rather daunting - especially in the early days and even more so if you are studying far from home. Student'U is a social application for Facebook that splits your social networking into two and introduces you to the social student world. It  let's you know where the best parties, events and places are and even creates a private place where you can flirt with like minded students and keeps your flirting out of the prying eyes of your friend or family.   University and college campuses can be big and lonely places not to ...  More

Student'U Oct 29th 2012

A more social kind of LinkedIn

Do you remember the fuss a while back when Facebook started to roll out their 'find friends nearby' feature and promptly had to withdraw it because they might have 'borrowed' the idea from elsewhere? Well, Friendthem had the patent on the idea and here is that very same (with a few improvements) app which now works in connection with Facebook but independently. I guess the big difference between Friendthem and other social networks is that while the likes of Facebook and Twitter are great at connecting with people they lack a little impetus when it comes to continuing those connections. ...  More

Friendthem Jul 8th 2012

High five your social friends with badges

You know what they say. Respect and thanks can only be earned rather than given. Badgety is a fun new social networking application that lets you pat your friends on the back and give them a virtual "well done" when they achieve something you think is pretty cool. You can send worthy friends a visual reinforcement of your high five with a badge to display to demonstrate their worth in the social world out there.   Badgety is a very visual, personal communications site. It can be funny, serious, sarcastic or thoughtful and  lets you tell your friends what you think of them in a ...  More

Badgety Jun 29th 2012

Get social with like-minded friends

Let's get this straight from the start. hicup is not an internet dating site. It's more like a social app for friendship with like-minded people in your local neighborhood and worldwide. Not that there's anything wrong with Internet relationships. In fact, like-minded friendship is probably a better place to start a relationship than anywhere else but that's another story. I just wanted to establish that this social networking app isn't aimed at the dating kind specifically. Now we've cleared that up lets get on with talking about hicup.   When you think about it, Hicup is a social ...  More

hicup May 7th 2012

Let all your social networking friends know what you are doing for dinner

The excellently named Empathyo is a free social networking application for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch that enables you to share your events in the real world with your online friends in your favorite social network. Rather than phoning everyone up to tell them your plans for the day or week or sending out mail outs, you can just set up your details in Empathyo and share the details with social networking and Facebook friends. Equally, you can see what the rest of your friends are up to and meet up with them easily.   Empathyo is a free social networking app (iOS) which is great for ...  More

Empathyo Apr 20th 2012

Create and share scrapbooks with social friends

Scrapbooking was huge during the nineties if I remember rightly but i guess it got rather swallowed up by the social networking phenomena over recent years. Wollage re-activates the scrapbooking theme and brings it up to date with the new century technology by turning it social. Rather than painstakingly sticking photos, precious memories and a myriad of other stuff into your scrapbook and then filing it under the stairs for viewing later by a select few, Wollage brings your collective memories into a social setting by allowing you to create your scrapbook online and then sharing it with ...  More

Wollage, the social-scrapbook Apr 10th 2012

Apps for the Socially Awkward

Guest post from Zach Beattie, Rockupied LLC. Let's face it: not everyone is a social butterfly. For years we have put the spotlight on apps that make social interaction more prevalent- apps that allow people to talk more, tweet more, comment more, and even find their friends at a downtown bar. But where are the apps for the socially awkward? What good is knowing about that party if you are too nervous to talk to your crush when you get there. Traditionally, gamers and developers have been considered part of this elusive demographic, the people who stumble upon their words and get sweaty ...  More

AwkTalk Mar 21st 2012

FineCam Webcam for PC and Mac

FineCam helps to easily turn your iPhone and iPad into an HD webcam for PC and Mac. You can ...  More

microsoft teams photo & video meeting

Aug 30th 2022


Meetingforgoals helps teams eliminate useless meetings that do not advance the company goals. ...  More

business management meeting software

Mar 10th 2022


Tired of taking meeting notes? Wish there were a way for you to automatically search through the ...  More

online web app review

Aug 20th 2021

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