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Welcome to PICKA! A NEW LOCATION BASED FREE DATING APP! Picka is innovative, discreet,and ...  More

meeting android dating

Jan 31st 2017


FlakeIN: Mobile Meetups On Demand is a revolutionary mobile application that allows people who ...  More

food social friends

Jan 30th 2017


Socialize is quickly growing as a 'must-have' app! Take for example, you want to do ...  More

social social media dinner

Jan 21st 2017


Best friends’ live positions on a map Feel like hanging out? See your best friends’ live ...  More

mobile locator social

Dec 20th 2016


Are you a busy professional or parent or youth drowning in emails, texts, Facebook posts and ...  More

mobile events facebook

Dec 17th 2016

Wizergos Meeting Management

Current Set of Features: ===================== Use Case: General Management and ...  More

project management meeting productivity

Dec 4th 2016


PointTo.Me allows you to see the locations of your loved ones, but only at places where they ...  More

android family ios

Oct 13th 2016


Groupfly is an efficient tool for optimizing travel routes for multiple people. When a group of ...  More

flights travel meeting

Sep 28th 2016

JellyChip App

JellyChip is a playground for changing lives. Chat to your friends, send Snaps, answer surveys ...  More

social network social surveys

Sep 21st 2016


Momdezvous is perfect for new mothers, women who have recently moved to a new city, changed ...  More

ios friends women

Sep 21st 2016

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