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My Credentials

This application stores your passwords and important dates. You don't have to remember ...  More

memory android database


Play NeuroLudus to keep your brain fit and to improve your memory, learning ability and ...  More

memory learning android

Super Memory

The game challenges your memory. you have to find two or three identical images, depending on ...  More

memory game android

Yoga First Daily Asanas

This FULLY UPDATED AND CHANGED app is aimed at serving the ever-growing yoga community. Yoga ...  More

memory fitness wellness


Stamper is the Guestbook 2.0 Open the stamper wall of the place you physically are. Discover ...  More

memory photoshare social

Memory Match Games for Kids

Memory Match Games for Kids Game for kids that is not only fun to play but also improves ...  More

memory game kids

Memory shuffle puzzle

Wanna sharp your memory with fun??? Wanna enhance your concentration skills ??? If you want ...  More

memory android brainstorming

All in One Cleaner - Speed up

Description No need to install different applications to clean junk files, cache files, ...  More

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Match Memory Training Game

Get ready for a exciting new app that has been scientifically proven to improve your memory all ...  More

memory fun game


Flashblick is a free Android flashcard game. It combines the fun of addictive games with ...  More

memory android education

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