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Merg is a social communicator that allows you to connect all of your circles without ...  More

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Guild is the messaging app for professional groups, networks and communities. Guild is easy ...  More

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Crust is the free and open-source low-code platform and Salesforce alternative. It enables you ...  More

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Starsona is for anyone who wants to connect in unique ways with "Stars" they're fans of or ...  More

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ShazzleChat is a secure peer-to-peer messaging platform. Our patented Shazzle technology turns ...  More

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Tired of using multiple tools to manage your work? Tools like Slack, Trello, Asana and InVision ...  More

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Last week we launched Earlynote: a new messaging app that was inspired by letters me and my wife ...  More

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Messagely is a customer messaging platform that helps internet businesses acquire, engage, ...  More

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PingMe! - Easy Walkie Talkie

PingMe is a voice based messaging app! PingMe lets you send short disappearing voice messages to ...  More

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Bored with traditional messaging apps for Androids? Your messages no longer have to be boring ...  More

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