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Recordly is your audio messaging service with a twist. Send voice messages to your friends, ...  More

chat messages messaging

May 25th 2016


Good evening - isn't that so catchy? I'm emailing you to introduce Aybo for iOS. Aybo is an ...  More

music messaging plugin

May 19th 2016


Experience your favourite events from global music festivals right down to your local meetup, ...  More

events messaging ios

May 11th 2016


In their most basic sense, hobbies are activities we undertake in our free time for our ...  More

map share maps social

May 5th 2016


The SelectaSign app uses a new technology that makes it possible to use your phone to upload ...  More

social gift android

Apr 28th 2016

Kotak - the App That Slaps

Kotak is the first and only app that allows you to send an animated 3D character with sound ...  More

emoticon messaging ios

Apr 21st 2016

Announce Cast

Create short, in a few lines of an advertisement for the upcoming concert, sporting event, ...  More

advertising geolocation messaging

Mar 16th 2016

Bluee Free International Calls

Bluee is a free iOS and Android app for International Calls and SMS. Whether you are ...  More

android ios ipad

Mar 15th 2016

Nudgespot Messenger

Nudgespot is a messaging platform that lets you acquire customers and engage them via in-app ...  More

customer support entrepreneur internet

Mar 5th 2016


Organize, collaborate, and have fun with your Friends and Colleagues with the HelloWorld ...  More

entertainment messaging android

Mar 2nd 2016

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