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A place to keep and share your memories and stuff

Penmia is a totally secure writing and journal tool for your mobile that let's you capture, share and organize all your precious memories easily and quite beautifully. As George Carlin used to's a place for your stuff. It's an easy to use free application where you can keep lists, jogging schedules, vacation experiences, photos, lyrics and links - in fact, pretty well anything and everything that you want to be reminded of later or share with friends now.   Penmia is a free, secure online journal that allows you to capture, organize, and share your memories like you  ...  More

Penmia Apr 15th 2012

Is this file sharing management app the best of the year?

Well first up, let's get the plaudits out of the way. PocketCloud Explore was named Best Mobile App at the recent Mobile World Congress by Laptop Magazine and MSNBC Gadgetbox. It was also named Best App Ever by another organization. So why does utter so many accolades? Because it's the missing link that we've been looking for, that's why. Explore let's you grab all your photos, multimedia and documents on your computers while you are out and about on your smartphone. Wherever and whenever you like.   Gee, we've really moved on over the last few years when attempting to transfer files ...  More

PocketCloud Explore Apr 5th 2012

In this future, everybody will be famous for 30 seconds

It was Andy Warhol who said that in the future, everybody will be famous for 15 minutes. Meriad doesn't offer quite that much time but it does offer you 30 seconds to record your thoughts for the rest of the world to see and hear. This free video microblogging social application for your mobile let's you capture moments in your life rather like a Twittering video diary where your friends and the rest of the world can get a glimpse into your world - 30 seconds at a time. is a new social networking platform that enables you to be yourself and capture any moment of your life ...  More

Meriad Apr 4th 2012

Keep track of your kids or employees

Wanna know where your employees or your kids are at any time of the day or night? Mobile Track is a travel and time tracking app for Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile where you can track everybody who works for you, visiting VIP's and even your children or vulnerable adults wherever they are in the world. Here is the next generation of time tracking technology and one that takes the place of 'black box' car installations which has been fine up till now but only works properly when your subject is in the vehicle.   Mobile Track is Crystal Ball's innovative mobile phone tracking ...  More

Mobile Track Mar 16th 2012

Monitor your mobile employees in real time

Did someone mention Big Brother when this mobile phone management app came up for consideration? Let's put it this way, if you do anything untoward while the Mobile Monitor is monitoring your mobile phone use, you're going down like a ton of bricks. Mobile Monitoring is a set of tools for your android and Windows mobile that goes way beyond anything previous by reporting in real-time on all call and text action on the tracked handset. In a nightmare move for some, it even tracks your data if you are calling while driving-which we all know is a bit of a no-no.   Mobile Monitor is a ...  More

Mobile Monitor Mar 15th 2012

A real time personal assistant for your Mom

Save The Mom reminds me of one of those sitcoms from years ago where the mom breezed through everything whilst mayhem continued all around her. The mom was untouchable, thoroughly well organized and knew everything that was going on in the house. This organize app for the family (especially working mom's, I guess) helps you manage all the everyday problems like shopping lists, noticeboards, calendar and even a geolocalization tool to keep track of where everyone is and what they are up to. It'll work very nicely on your iPad and iPhone.   Save the Mom is a real-time personal assistant ...  More

Save The Mom Mar 12th 2012

A complete payment process for smartphones

There's little to match a poor payment platform to ruin the reputation of your prized mobile application. Nothing is more frustrating then to go through the whole buying process only to find that there is a problem at checkout time. ZooZ is a totally complete, safe and secure answer to the problem of being able to accept payments for goods or services in a mobile application. It's a payment application for android, iPhone and smartphones in general that provides an entire payment process that is easy to use and where security is a high priority.   ZooZ' payment platform is a complete ...  More

ZooZ Mar 10th 2012

Get on the local grapevine

Roamz was featured as one of the Australian Business Review Weekly's top 10 start ups to watch recently. It's a clever little real time application for your mobile that shows the user completely up-to-date information of what's going on in your local area. It does this by gathering, collating and curating information from the social side of the Internet and delivering it to you based on your particular interests and preferences.   Roamz is a free iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch app that makes sense of social media noise in real time to show users up-to-date information about what is ...  More

Roamz Mar 6th 2012

Build your own mobile friendly website

With something like 10% of your website visitors now coming from mobile devices it is beginning to become imperative to have a mobile version of your website available to them. SproutMobi is a marketing and web design application for your mobile phone that provides the tools to build your own mobile friendly website simply and easily in minutes.   SproutMobi was developed by a team of digital marketing professionals who wanted to create an easy to use tool for anyone to build their own mobile friendly website. With the mobile revolution well and truly upon us it's  important that ...  More

SproutMobi Mar 6th 2012

Make your business mobile friendly

How many times have you been asked by your customers lately whether you have a website they can access on their mobile phone? There is little doubt that any business that tries to survive on Main Street retail sales alone will be fighting an uphill battle. Online sales are the Main Streets of the future, that's for sure. The problem has always been that it's too difficult and too time consuming, not to mention too expensive. Roveb is a mobile marketing and web design application for mobiles that helps you create a mobile website quickly and simply.   With more mobile devices now ...  More

Roveb Feb 29th 2012

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