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Scheduling tool for real estate agents

It's tough times in the real estate business these days. It's certainly harder to sell a house in this tough economic climate. As a consequence there is far more pressure on the real estate salesman to actually make a sale or rent a property when the opportunity crops up. So whenever there is someone that wants to take a look at a property you are certainly going to want to fit them in somewhere. ShoMojo lets owners, managers and agents schedule rental and sales showings to give you the best chance of filling the vacancy.   ShowMojo takes the pain out of property showings by letting ...  More

Show Mojo Dec 15th 2011

GPS rangefinder for golfers

If you’re getting a little frustrated about your inability to gauge distances on the golf course, and before you hurl that pesky five-iron into the nearest water hazard, you might want to check this one out. The swing and pray method, although not very Tiger Woods, might be sufficient for the casual golfer who sees the occasional round as more of a nice walk often ruined. For the earnest golfers out there however, the sickening splash that confirms their choice of club was one short can often send them straight to the analyst’s chair.  More

AccelGolf Dec 15th 2011

You can run, but you can't hide...

I've lost count of the times when I've agreed to meet friends at a particular bar or restaurant and one of us haven't been able to find the place. EchoEcho is a geo-social tool for your mobile that let's you find exactly where anyone in your address book is at any time of the day or night. And they will show you with the added benefit of a map showing you how to find them. Texting your location is like dancing your phone number. EchoEcho shows you exactly where you and your friends are on a map. No more wasting time pruning your friend lists.  More

EchoEcho Dec 6th 2011

An illustrated record of your life...

I’m a great believer in people writing some sort of record of their lives and I don’t just mean the rich and famous. There a far too many gravestones in the world with no story attached to them as far as I’m concerned and so getting people to jot down just some basic daily or weekly events is a start. There are wider implications of course and even though many people will consider their lives mundane and of no interest whatsoever to anyone else the generations that follow will probably see things in a different light. From a social history angle, either locally or ...  More

MOREDAYS Nov 30th 2011

Groundbreaking new same-time group listening experience

I love meeting up with old friends and talking about the stuff they are listening to on the radio. Its always funny when i ask which station and they tell me about some obscure radio station I've never heard of. The tell me it just plays stuff they want to hear with little or no intervention from mouthy DJ's. Bliss. Myxer Social Radio is a bit like that. Myxer is a free social networking and chat tool for your desktop and mobile that provides a music service that changes the way you interact musically with your friends.  More

Myxer.FM Nov 30th 2011

Restaurant reservations tool

I’m not sure about some of the functions on this one. Whilst I can see the merits of a few I can see the at least one of them causing some confusion amongst restaurant staff as well as diners. As a reservation management system and customer reporting tool it looks to have all of the bases covered to enable business owners to monitor diner volumes and cancellations. It could also be a useful marketing tool.  More

Eat Text Nov 28th 2011

Another social network but with new business opportunities

Clingle is what's known as a geo-social mobile check-in tool and adds a bit of very cool spice to your text messages. With Clingle you can send a private message so that the recipient gets their note in the form of text, photo or video either immediately or when they check-in at a restaurant, hotel or event.  More

Clingle Nov 28th 2011

Seamless flow from Desktop to IPhone or Android

What do you do when you want to continue a dialogue or online session when you move away from the device you are conversing on? With most people the two options are either the complete abandonment of the session or a long delay while you log on to another device which can mean a vital loss of continuity and often the cessation of the conversation. Folloyu is a free tool for your iPhone or Android that enables an online session to be continued on a different device from the exact point it was left in a matter of click.  More

Folloyu Nov 28th 2011

Automatically remind your customers by SMS or Email

This is a simple little app that could help businesses of all shapes stay firmly in the minds of valuable customers. The alerts generated by the system don’t even have to carry a selling message as they can simply be important reminders from say an accountancy firm that needs to alert clients about tax or company return deadlines. Alerts can be sent via email or SMS and they can all be customized to carry your businesses logo, other images and text content. From the forms page you can create your required alert for a particular customer and then schedule when you want it to ...  More

Alertful for Business Nov 26th 2011

Phone spam - how to do it!

This presents an interesting concept of conflicting emotions. Here I am reviewing a site that provides just the sort of service that has resulted in me now refusing to answer my telephone! If I had a dollar for every time I’d risen from my desk, my train of thought in tatters, only to hear the recorded tones of an ambulance chaser telling me how much cash I could be due if I’d recently been involved in an accident I’d be able to retire.  More

DialMyCalls Nov 25th 2011

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