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Friends and Family Lending

Although claiming to offer a new and better way to lend and borrow, looks just like the many other friend & family borrowing sites on the web. In fact if anything it lacks the clarity in respect of pricing and what is and isn’t chargeable that usually appears on the front page of other sites.   More

LendFriend Mar 14th 2010

Your personal finance Q&A community - where good answers get voted up!

Billed as the place for people who want to be financially literate, this site provides a community based question and answer service for all things of a personal finance nature. Still in beta it’s not the finished article but the range of topics and contributions is already impressive.  More

There is a pretty clear line drawn about what is and what isn’t considered a suitable style of question. For instance asking if you should hold or sell a particular stock would not be welcomed. Equally, trying to garner opinion as to whether the community consider X Bank to be as rubbish as you do will not stay an open question for long.  More Feb 5th 2010

Online Fundraising for Anyone

FirstGiving, along with its sister company JustGiving in the UK, are probably amongst the most reputable online fundraising sites for charities and non-profit organisations with $1 billion raised in the US already.  More

Available to individuals and non-profits themselves the platform allows supporters of a cause to donate online to a specific web page and see exactly how the fundraising is going.   More

Firstgiving Jun 6th 2008

Where people come together to borrow and lend money

With the banks reputations nose-diving daily and both borrowers and investors suffering as a consequence, Peer to Peer lending is a great way to cut them out of the equation altogether.  More has been around for a while now and has funded personal loans worth $256 million. The simple principle of introducing people with money to invest to people who want to borrow gives both parties the opportunity to get much better rates than they would at the hands of the men in grey suits.  More

Prosper Jul 2nd 2007

Helps getting even!

There’s not a lot any reviewer can say about this app although the label stating “get even” does make it sound rather sinister especially given that the YOM stands for you owe me!   More

Patently a fun application this more than simple email based reminder service is NOT an electronic baseball bat aimed at serious debt collection. Or is it?  More

I OWE YOU - I.O.U Feb 5th 2011

An easier way to manage money in shared households

Anyone in a house-share situation, and I’m particularly thinking students here but it could apply to anyone, might find this app useful as a means of cutting out arguments and disputes surrounding shared bills.   More

It’s free and can be set up by any of the housemates who then invites the others to join in and accept via their email account. By joining they get access to the account and can enter details of any of the bills they deal with personally.   More

Bills Are In Dec 3rd 2009

When you need it now!

Now here's a great idea. Imagine you're camping out somewhere and you forgot to pick up some important thing you need. Or maybe you have an important dinner party at home and you forgot to pick up the mango chutney. If you need it now Swifto can help. This local marketplace tool is a unique way of solving your pressing problem whether it's a car mechanic or a pool boy that you're after. Just send out a request on Swifto and they'll find someone who can help you.  More

Swifto Sep 8th 2011

Explore crazy and interesting ways to spend your dollars.

Well...what a strange little app What you can Buy is. It's strangely hypnotic though in a funny sort of way and a very colorful and amusing advice tool that is basically a portal to investigate what you could buy for a given amount of money. All you have to do is to type the amount you wish to spend into the bright and inviting box and all sorts of suggestions will come up...some inspired, some benefactorial and some just plain weird.  More

What can you Buy Aug 15th 2011

Know What You Owe

This free app, developed by Cerebris, is clearly aimed at putting a bit of fun into fairly low key debts rather than being a serious expenses tracker.   More

Marketed for “Family and Friends” I can also see it being useful for youngsters in a flat share situation where, if memory serves me right, the arguments about who paid for that loaf of bread or who washed the dishes last form a constant daily conversation!  More

IOUmate May 16th 2011

The free online tool to regain control of your financial life

With quite a few free on-line finance and budget apps around it’s always nice when you come across one with a couple of different bells on it. Moneytrackin does all of the things you’d expect of an app of this type and then offers a little more help.  More

Setting up your separate accounts is easy and the accounting tab gives you options to tag transactions into specific groups ensuring they appear in the right section of any subsequent report. You can also mark recurring items in this tab for those regular monthly transaction and set budget limits for categories.   More

Moneytrackin' Dec 23rd 2008

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