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Understand how a company's products impact its stock price

The stock market can seem like a complete mystery to a lot of us and the fundamental question of how a company’s activity and performance determines its stock price is often met with a blank stare.  More

A lot of people put great store in a company’s financial statements and whilst these are a great source of information on past performance they don’t immediately give you an insight into the relevant markets or actual product significance. They are not going to shine much light on possible future trends either.  More

TREFIS Nov 18th 2009

Giving you the trading edge

If you’re a complete beginner when it comes to the stock market or perhaps even a more experienced trader then there’s something for both levels of competence on this site.  More

Sitting on a stock over a period and just watching how it performs may be as much of an experience as some people want of the stock market. However, if you’re serious about making it work for you, then having an idea about just when to get out is as important as knowing when to get in.   More

Trader Bots Sep 16th 2009

Like BankRate, but with bank rates

When it comes to giving the banks a good kicking it’s been open season for a long time now. Not that this is a bank bashing site by any means but the review facility does give users a platform to vent their considerable frustration about all things from misplaced money to unprofessional service levels.   More

MyBankTracker Mar 24th 2009

The dashboard for your wallet

This is a no nonsense simple tool for people who just want a snapshot of where their money is going and a nod in the direction of whether they’re actually spending more than they’re due to receive throughout the year.  More

It also has a fun feature where you can add a description and cost of an item you’re desperate to buy if you could only afford it. By analysing monthly income over expenditure the system gives you a constant update on how far away from your dream you are based on any surplus funds accruing.  More

grndctrl Aug 10th 2011

A free social utility to track, manage and resolve shared bills and expenses

Of all the free apps designed to keep tabs on what you and your friends owe each other this is one of the simplest and quickest to set up but does lack flexibility. Currently only supported by Gmail you can log in to enable the site to remember your data or just use it as a one off for fun without logging in.   More

Whats Your Share Jun 19th 2011

Intelligent Investing.

Anyone heavily invested in the stock market will appreciate the capabilities of this site whether they hold shares independently, participate in mutual funds or indeed both.   More

Like all investment products the key to success is spreading your risk, and only by really knowing where in the world your money is invested and into what mix of industries will you have a clear idea.   More

Investy May 1st 2011

Money Management Made Fun and Easy

There has been plenty of buzz around for some time now about this finance and budgeting site and it’s easy to see why. If you want to cover every possible base and then some more this is the place for you.  More

The basic system is free and can be set up quickly and easily. It also boasts the ability to import and categorize banking activity from thousands of banks automatically. This feature allows the system to quickly show you an overview of where your money goes and is a great way to start setting up a budget plan with goals and limits based on historical transactions and future intentions.   More

moneyStrands May 15th 2009

The Best Way to Monitor Your Stocks

If you merely dabble in the stock market or perhaps take it a bit more seriously than that you too can look like Gordon Gekko with ticking away on your PC.   More

This application gives you a web based stock monitoring system that will relieve you of the tedious task of logging in and doing separate searches for the stocks you hold or the stocks you’re interested in.  More

Quotesentinel Apr 20th 2011

Expenses tracking "Kong-Fu"

I like an app that doesn’t pretend to be everything to everyone and tells it straight. As a simple expenses recorder it does exactly what it says on the tin.  More

By using your mobile phone as an expenses notebook you simply enter expenses in a simple format as and when they occur and text the details to piggybelt. An example of this would be - #30 children’s clothing shoes - which would add $30 to you children’s clothing category along with a note to specify the item. Of course you can also email them or access the website from your mobile or desktop browser.   More

PiggyBelt Apr 18th 2011

Save Shop Discover

The phrase “cash back” is always a great eye catcher and in these tough financial times is probably the first tag line on most marketing advisors lips.   More

Sign up to Zestii and you basically join a club that has a list of member stores, or partners as they’re referred to, where you can get cash back if you make a purchase via the site. With over 200 partners ranging from Bloomingdales to Nautica, most shopping needs are well catered for.  More

Zestii Mar 24th 2011

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