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Sharing Made Easy

Don’t let ShareZen’s short description above fool you into thinking that this site is all about sharing the odd meal out with friends or splitting the cost of a group holiday. On no, this is all about the sharing of big ticket assets and overcoming the hassle attached to that if serious organization is lacking.   More

ShareZen Jun 28th 2010

Make sharing fun

As the name implies this site has been developed primarily for use in a shared house or apartment situation where disputes can often arise if some kind of organization isn’t in place. Having said that the site is keen to point out that it can be put to good effect in any situation where groups of people have a shared interest such as a club.  More

Shackmate Apr 13th 2010

Easy Personal Finance Overview

They say small things please small minds but I just love the simplicity of this app that allows you to see the breakdown of your salary and then see the effect of potential changes to you circumstances.   More

On one screen you can enter your annual gross salary and will give you a breakdown of it showing deductions and the net figure on a yearly, monthly and weekly basis. Statutory deductions like tax and NI are assumed on a default basis with the current rates pre-set. If one or both of these don’t apply then you can delete them.   More

moneyio Dec 16th 2008

Lemon · Receipts Refreshed

There are a lot of receipt and expense trackers out there and so it’s refreshing to come across a new one that’s got something different to shout about. It could be described as lemon fresh but then again it already has, by the site itself.   More

Well it’s certainly got more pips than some of the others for sure and it’s these pips that could make it a very popular app indeed.   More

Lemon Sep 28th 2011

Get 1-Hour Consultation with the Expert Crowd

Here’s a crowdsourcing advice site that seems to have every possible charging opportunity covered.   More

Billed as a site that facilitates the coming together of advice seekers and willing consultants, the jargon and terms used could do with a consultant to decipher them but I’ll have a go.    More

ParetoCentral May 20th 2011

Where aspiring Internet entrepreneurs connect

If the startup bug has just bitten you, no matter what you do or where you happen to be in life, you’ll probably want some confirmation that you’re not going crazy and the opportunity to bounce some ideas around. Does that sound like you?  More

If it does then this new site could provide just the forum for that kind of interaction. It aims to spread its net wide and attract a cross-section of people to become "cravers" and build a community where every level of support is available for people with great internet startup ideas.  More

StartupCrave Mar 28th 2011

A professional services marketplace.

I imagine there are hundreds of business owners out there who would pay money to watch a bunch of lawyers, accountants and consultants bid their fees down in an attempt to win a piece of business.   More

Well if you’re one of them this site doesn’t exactly provide that ultimate pleasure but it will present you with an opportunity to compare the fees of a number of interested professionals. Likewise, if your one of the professionals the site provides another potential route to market for your skills.   More

EXPERTBIDS Dec 25th 2010

How much is your stuff worth?

I’m sure there is a great feeling to be had when you unclutter your life and get some organization back into your world. The amount of stuff we all accumulate over the years is staggering and most of it suffers the same fate as your CD collection. If I had a dollar for every time I said “right, I’m going to put you in alphabetical order by artist and at the same time catalogue you”, I’d be able to pay someone else to do it!  More

Lockboxer Aug 12th 2011

You deserve to be one.

If you’re looking at making credit card and bank account comparisons outside of your own country then you’ll know that the web has historically been a little lacking in its ability to provide this information.   More

Step forward, a new site that aims to fill this gaping hole by giving users access to all of the important information on credit cards, checking accounts, savings accounts and fixed deposits. For anyone moving away to work then this information could be very useful to know before you touch down in a strange city.  More

banksnob Aug 5th 2011

Cash back on your purchases and your recommendations

This looks like a fairly easy way to earn cashback rewards when you shop online and an impressive list of participating stores hopefully means you won’t have to do a lot of trawling around to find an outlet you like.  More

The mechanics are simple and require you to log on to the site using your Facebook, Yahoo or Google account. A welcome indicator at the top of the screen will confirm you’re connected in the right way. After that just click on the relevant link for the deal you’re interested in, make the purchase as you would on any online store and leave to sort out the corresponding rewards.  More Apr 22nd 2011

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