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Experts on demand

If you’re on the hunt for some online advice but would feel more comfortable paying for a face-to-face consultation then could be the answer.  More

With 53 experts registered and covering a number of skills including business & finance, legal, health, medicine and personal development, you could have one at the end of a video camera in no time. With no downloads necessary all you need is a video enabled computer with speakers and a microphone.   More Apr 13th 2011

Sell us your used or broken phone for CASH!

If like me you have a drawer of old and unused mobile phones gathering dust you might just as well see if they’re worth anything. At the same time you’ll be adding greatly to the recycling habit so encouraged in these environmentally aware times.  More

The online process is simple with Simply log on and enter the details of your phone, as much as possible for evaluation purposes and to obtain a quote. You’ll then receive a prepaid FedEX shipping label enabling you to send the phone in free of charge. Alternatively you can drop it in to a drop-off center and a list of locations for these can be found on the site.  More

Cash4Berry Jan 4th 2011

Get Advice from Women on Dating, Relationship, Love, The Pursuit of Male Happiness

If you’re a guy who’s desperate to get a female angle on a niggling question but don’t have anyone in your circle of friends that fits the bill, for a couple of dollars you might get what you want here.  More

On the other hand, if you’re a woman and want the chance to supplement your income by $25 a day then use your wisdom and sign up as a respondent.  More Aug 11th 2011

Kids Money Management and Teen Money Management

There are a few sites of this type around offering families a platform to keep up to date with who owes who. They follow a similar pattern in that a virtual bank is created, with Mom and Dad providing the funds of course, and virtual transactions are credited and debited to reflect the real cash position.  More Oct 10th 2010

Automatic savings

There’s an extreme market research theory that says if you want to know someone’s spending habits then have a look through their trash. Discarded packaging will certainly indicate where they’ve been shopping but it’s a messy business.   More

Another way of course is to get access to their credit card details and see where they’ve been without getting your hands dirty. Whilst that’s not quite the way describes its services I can’t help thinking the theory is lurking in there somewhere.  More

Offermatic May 7th 2010

A complete system to manage your money in just minutes a month

It would be an understatement to say that there are a lot of money tracking and budgeting sites out there all promising to put you on the path to greater control of your personal finances so any with claims to be different are always interesting.  More has now joined the gang but rather than providing just a budget and tracking service boasts a level of in-built coaching that comments and guides users based on the numbers entered and then reward points for hitting success milestones.  More

InOutCash Mar 27th 2010

Expat life made easy

If your job is about to send you far away and into the exciting but sometimes slightly frightening world of the expat then you really need to know what you’ll get for your dollars.   More

Expatistan’s collaborative approach to worldwide price comparisons is certainly a great place to get an overview of what to expect when you rock up in a strange city. It could also be of use in your salary negotiations.  More

Expatistan Mar 24th 2010

The way education finance should work

As an investor looking to perhaps diversify your portfolio you might want to consider Peer to Peer lending with the beneficiaries being worthy students!   More

People Capital provides a platform for students to obtain unsecured private loans for 2-15 year terms subject to certain criteria being met. Lenders purchase the loans, or parts of them, by way of loan notes from People Capital who retain the rights and responsibilities associated with the servicing and collection of them.  More

People Capital Jul 22nd 2009

Get student loans from people who believe in you

It would appear to be a good time to review this one as it’s changed a bit since it first launched.  More

Originally set up as a platform for students to obtain legally documented and repayable loans to help towards post-secondary education, new owners have since turned it into a donation only site with the emphasis on helping out with those additional expenses that can mount up rather than funding a complete education. Having said that there is at least one example on the site of a student trying to raise $50,000!  More

GreenNote Mar 24th 2009

Investing Wiki with Research about Companies

Built for investors by investors is how this site describes itself and there’s no doubt that the content, quality and functions are very impressive having picked up several awards.   More

The site can work for you in more ways than one. As a source of knowledge about all that makes up the financial markets it is very comprehensive with analysis and articles on quoted companies, commodities, currencies, exchanges and indices to name just a few. There is even a money school with guides on investing and personal finance.  More

Wikinvest Aug 9th 2007

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