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Pay down debt faster by paying smarter

There’s a fundamental difference between being in debt and being seriously in debt. Anyone with a mortgage or a credit card will be in debt at some time in their lives and it’s the ability to manage these debts that keep you away from the serious side of the issue.  More is not a last chance sanctuary for when the bailiffs are about to knock on the door but it does provide some good tools to ensure that they never do.   More

DebtGoal Nov 12th 2010

Exchange money with the people you trust

I can’t work out if this is a gimmicky thing, with the novelty probably wearing off pretty quickly, or just an inevitable addition upholding the mantra "you can do everything on your phone these days".   More

It’s annoying enough sitting at a restaurant table watching your friends constantly texting, and let’s face it we’ve probably all been guilty of that from time to time. With this app though, the phones will be straight back on the table as soon as the bill arrives.   More

Venmo Mar 25th 2010

Expense reports that don't suck

The site itself is a bit rambling for my liking but if you can get over the endless links leading to even more rambling pages you get the basic concept of this app designed to make the nightmare of expenses tracking and approval easier.  More

An individual can sign up for free however it is clearly targeted at business use where the functions can be adopted and run alongside a company’s expenses policy. This will cost $5 per user per month.  More

Expensify Mar 16th 2009

budgeting made easy

I like this simple app, a personal budgeting tool with a built in conscience! Well sort of.   More

A cynic might say that a budgeting app without the ability to sync with a bank account is lacking a vital ingredient, the reduction in the number of manual entries required. That may be an issue for those with complicated financial affairs and a string of bank accounts but if you just want an easy to use budget planner then will do the job.  More

spendbrite Mar 27th 2011

Crowdfunding for developers

Crowdfunding is generally a great way to get projects that have no access to the normal sources of finance off the ground. has a crowdfunding element to it without doubt but it also has far too many grey areas to confuse both developers and potential funders let alone a reviewer!  More

Fundry Dec 13th 2010

Smart Donor managment

If you run a church, charity or non-profit organization and receive donations from a variety of sources then this is the site for you.   More provides exactly what the title says. The scope of functions available covers every aspect of donor management and provides fundraising tools that allow you to cast your net wider and increase that all- important level of income.   More

Donor Tools Jun 28th 2010

Personal Finance Software

It’s refreshing to come across a website tackling the issue of corporate social responsibility and seems to be doing just that. In recognising that a large percentage of the countries workers have little or no access to decent financial advice they aim to put it right with the help of the very people they work for.  More

HelloWallet May 8th 2010

Personal financial calculators and resources

Rather than being a web application this has all the hallmarks of a financial broking website with some extra goodies thrown in as well.   More

Not that that’s a bad thing. If you’re looking for advice on any form of personal finance related issue you are likely to get a good steer by logging on to Simplyfinance.   More

SimplyFinance Feb 24th 2010

Short term loans

Most people would be put off when looking at a lending website that advertised an annual APR of over 4,000 per cent but it doesn’t seem to be the case with With a high advertising presence and awards from Credit Today and National Customer Service to name but two, they are obviously doing something right.  More

Wonga Jun 9th 2009

A simple personal finance tracker for budgeting your cash flow and spending.

The Birdy is fun and easy way to track and manage your day to day spending habits without the need to involve bank account data or other personally sensitive information.   More

It’s free to log in and open an account and there are a number of ways to enter the details of where your cash has gone. To take away the burden of remembering the Birdy will email you daily with the question and all you have to do is respond accordingly to have the information logged and stored. Alternatively you can text or enter it directly on the website.  More

The Birdy Jul 12th 2011

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