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Simple and easy budgeting

If budgeting is really not your thing and expense tracking sounds like a frightening activity then might help you get into a really useful discipline.   More

Newcomers can let the site create an automatic budget for them. By entering your monthly income the site will then set it using minimum recommended amounts per item. You can then customize it as necessary once you get the hang of the required entries and a handle on your particular spending habits.   More

Sprouty Nov 18th 2010

Save 40% on your Credit Card Processing in 3 minutes

If you’re a business owner that thinks it’s about time you reviewed your credit card processing costs but dread the thought of all of those annoying sales guys calling then this is the site for you.   More

A comparison site for merchants, takes the basic information from you and then kick-starts an auction where top-tier card processing companies bid for your business. The result is a list of offers all set out on a like-for-like basis allowing you to weigh up the options available and the best fit for your company.  More

FeeFighters Apr 13th 2011

Prices worldwide!

Billed purely as a worldwide cost of living comparison site, clearly has ideas to expand beyond that, more of which will be touched on later.  More

Totally free, and with content that can be altered by anyone with an internet connection, the site is obviously keen to disclaim any responsibility for total accuracy. Having said that it does contain useful information which is constantly being updated by users on the move, and the more contributors coming to the party the more accurate the averages will be.  More

Numbeo Apr 6th 2011

Connecting great ideas with great people

Anyone who has ever watched Dragons Den on television will have some sympathy for the entrepreneurs as they face the inevitable grilling from the guys with the cash. Any perceived blip in their business plan will quickly be pounced on often leaving them red faced and spluttering.   More

Well this sure ain’t Dragons Den and although the whole aim of the site is to get young people with great ideas in front of investors the level of hand-holding and expert guidance leading them there is first class.  More

FIG - Find Invest Grow Dec 6th 2010

Your guide to the financial world

Imagine being able to take a financial adviser around with you all the time, and one that talks in plain English too. is a great one-stop-shop for all of the questions you might have from the best credit card and payday loan deals around to the more worrying subject of serious debt problems.  More

Rate Rush May 7th 2010

Get a better bank

With the reputation of our banks continuing to head in a southerly direction a comparison site that offers a little bit more than just a check on their rates is a welcome addition to the web.   More is a great one-stop-shop for anyone looking for a bank. Whether it’s your first experience of a bank account or you’re looking for a better deal on your existing checking, savings or CD arrangements, the information contained on the site will make sure you make a proper and informed decision.  More

BankFox Jul 24th 2009

Great Advice. On Demand.

Anyone looking for an expert consultant but lacking the contacts years of networking provides can now use the web to both find one and facilitate the discussion.   More currently has somewhere close to a thousand experts registered ranging from the top brains in careers, business and admissions covering a diverse selection of topics. This is not a free service and users pay the going rate but the site has plenty of information on these experts to help in the selection of a suitable one.   More

Evisors Jul 29th 2011

Debt Solutions to your Money Problems

This site isn’t really that representative of a web 2.0 app but given the level of debt suffered in the world today it’s probably worthy of being visible on as many platforms as possible if it’s going to offer support to people in dire straits.  More

It’s probably also worth a review to point out the small print if nothing else as people with serious debt are often in panic mode and don’t stop to read the bit about fees written in type ten times smaller than the rest of the site.  More

National Money Helpline Sep 2nd 2010

small stakes in big ideas is a crowdfunding platform with the emphasis on creative and social enterprise projects. Categories include documentary, film, music, writing and the performing arts. Registering a project or as a donor is free.  More

The format is similar to other crowdfunding sites where anyone wishing to fund an activity can create a profile page and fill it with as much information as possible about the reasons and objectives of the project. This information can be in the form of written statements, photographs and video clips and be shared around the social networks to maximise exposure. The page also shows the funding required and the period it will be listed for which can be up to a maximum of 90 days.  More Apr 30th 2010

Prepare your kids for the "wild".

How often have you heard the cry “kids just don’t know the value of money these days”? Quite often I suspect but if you’re a cynic like me you probably think it comes from parents who are generally only too happy to open the wallet when junior screams for a new pair of trainers.  More

FamZoo Mar 25th 2010

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