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A virtual worldwide distribution of your movie

Now I know for sure that there are an awful lot of frustrated filmmakers out there just waiting for the opportunity to become the next Martin Scorsese or Steven Spielberg. Most of you are probably still waiting for the callback from Fox about the last project you presented to them - wasn't that the one about all these rock gods and film stars who mysteriously died aged 27? indie reign is a social movie and video application that provides all the background stuff that enables the independent filmmaker to sell their films directly into people's homes - beating the big studios at their own ...  More

indiereign Jun 5th 2012

Get movie & TV recommendations based on your viewing habits

SynopsiTV is a movie recommendation service which, on the basis of what you watch, manages to recommend the movies and TV shows suitable exactly for you. We can't all be movie buffs, can we? When you've settled on the couch with your popcorn and remote control there's only one thing missing - a great movie or TV series. You could check for reviews of good films but reviewers cant analyze your personal taste, can they? Here is a social, movie and TV application for your Android or iPhone that actually recommends movies to you based on your viewing habits.   So many of us love watching ...  More Feb 19th 2012

The ultimate Academy Awards movie trivia quizzes

Movie Awards Trivia is a movie application for your iPad and iPhone that celebrates all things film and suchlike. Given that we are in the middle of movie award season at the moment with many award ceremonies happening leading up to the Academy Awards, here is a movie trivia app that'll keep you amused for hours and potentially make you the king of the movie buffs in your house or amongst your friends   This movie app is a treat for movie lovers, movie buffs,'Oscars' fans as well as the casual fan of movies so there is something for everyone here. The app tests your movie trivia and ...  More

Movie Awards Trivia Feb 9th 2012

Share your short and precise movie reviews

Ginq certainly looks good, that's for sure. But there are, of course a squillion movie apps around. So what makes Ginq different to all the others? Well, it really is a movie review site that wants to be Twitter. Ginq is a free social movie review app that wants you to review the movies you see. But it doesn't want some rambling account of the allegorical meanings of the director's latest magnum opus. Ginq wants a short precise 160 character assessment of the film that you can share with your friends.   If you are looking for a place to read about the revered movies online then this ...  More

GINQ Dec 30th 2011

Putting the social back into moviegoing

It used to be that the best form of advertising for your movie was purely word-of-mouth. When you saw a movie that you liked you would tell your friends who would tell their friends and so on. The movies became a very social occasion. MovieGoer is a social movie and video sharing app for your iPhone that tries to put the social back into movie going. It uses peer pressure to encourage more people to actually go to the movies rather than catching a film on video.   MovieGoer is a new kind of mobile app that applies social networking as "peer pressure" to get more people to go to more ...  More

MovieGoer Dec 19th 2011

Your online cinema, anytime, anywhere.

Mubi is a film site that used to be known as The Auteurs but I don't think many people really know what an auteur is because there aren't many around these days. Basically, a director would be considered an auteur if he or she could translate their personal creative vision into a filmic concept. So now you see why there aren't many auteurs around these days - Hollywood isn't so keen on the creative director these days. So...getting back to's an online cinema and community for people who love film. It's a place to watch, discuss and read all about the best of quality cinema from ...  More

MUBI Jul 6th 2009

Access To Every Tv Show and Movie. Ever.

With 50 million Americans watching their TV online these days it's a serious part of the entertainment market. With online sources coming from many different directions maybe it's time to re-evaluate the way you watch your web-based multimedia. SetJam is a movie and tv app with an easy to use and very powerful search engine that gives you access to the largest collection of full length tv shows and movies in the world.     SetJam is an easy to use and very specialized search engine that helps take what is collectively the largest library of full-length TV shows and movies ...  More

SetJam Nov 13th 2011

Find any moment, from any film, instantly.

Well the idea behind AnyClip is brilliant. Being able to locate and watch any moment from any movie instantaneously would be a really cool idea. It's certainly a pain to find a specific scene you want to see on the DVD unless it states it in the chapters. Chances are you might be able to find it on YouTube but we all know how long it can take to find the right scene in that minefield. AnyClIp is a movie search tool that let's you search for, find and watch your favorite clips from your favorite movies. What's more, you can do it fast and you can do it for free.     AnyClip ...  More

AnyClip Jan 13th 2010

Film and People Network

If you are a talented filmmaker (or just think you are) you would want there to be an outlet for your skills. You need somewhere you can share your latest video creations and, in an ideal world, have somewhere that distributors and budding entrepreneurs can view your work. FilmNet goes some way to fulfilling both those demographics very nicely. It is a movie and social networking tool that brings together filmmakers from around the world and puts them into the same room as distribution people and potential business partners for the greater good of all.   FilmNet is a social network ...  More

FilmNet Dec 7th 2009

The best way to manage your TV Shows

It has now got to the point with TV shows and series that the quality you get with them is at least as good as their Hollywood cousins. With the likes of Dexter, Deadwood, Band Of Brothers, Lost, Boardwalk Empire, Carnivale and The Sopranos TV has gone to a different level. And in our busy lives it can be difficult to know which episode you are up to when you are watching up to ten different series at a time. MyTVShows is a free movie and tv management tool for the iPhone that helps you organize your TV watching so you can keep track of the episodes you have watched and which one's you ...  More

MyTVShows Aug 18th 2009

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