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Normally the information that Nanocrowd gives you would have come from the person down at your local video store. By getting to know your tastes the more diligent video store people will often recommend something to you that is similar to a film you just enjoyed. Unfortunately, the video store is almost a thing of the past now and that 'word of mouth'  recommendation isn't available to you anymore. That's where Nanocrowd comes in. It's the simplest of movie search tools that delivers excellent results. Type in the name of a movie, click on one of the mood buttons associated with that ...  More

Nanocrowd Apr 8th 2009

Online collaborative film community

Wreck A Movie is like a big community where all the elements of the movie-making experience can come together to make the business of filmmaking a simpler and less complicated one. Here is a movie collaboration tool that manages to blend the Internet community with the film industry.     Wreck A Movie is a movie collaboration tool that specializes in blending the Internet and the film industry together by unleashing the creative potential of Internet communities and changing the whole chain of filmmaking.  It unleashes the creative potential of Internet communities and ...  More

Wreck A Movie Nov 30th 2008

Feed your portable

While HungryFlix looks like a fairly low key movie and video shopping tool for your mobile it delivers far more. Quite often the more subtle apps are the one's that really deliver the goods. HungryFlix is the bridge that helps independent filmmakers get their works of art distributed into iPod, iPhone and AppleTV.     HungryFlix is the home for indie films on the iPod, iPhone, PSP and Apple TV. If you are a filmmaker or content producer here is your chance to sell your content as an iPod movie. HungryFlix is the leader in helping indie filmmakers distribute content as iPod ...  More

HungryFlix Nov 19th 2007

Big On Any Screen

EpixHD points a new direction into the way we watch movies online. This big new movie channel ties up the collective weight of major studios Paramount, Lions Gate and MGM to present their biggest movies as well as brand new original programming into a whole new way of watching.     EPIX is a social movie and video tool that could be described as the big new movie channel that's more than just a big new movie channel. Paramount, Lionsgate, and MGM are turning their biggest movies, original programming and expansive library into a bold new experience. The movies you love will ...  More

EpixHD Nov 5th 2009

Free Full Episode & Clips is a CBS company that allows you to watch your favorite tv shows as well as interacting with other fans and read all the behind the scenes news and gossip. It's like having your own watchable TV magazine right next to the box. is a beautifully organized application that makes it easy for you to search, find and watch great tv shows from all around the world. is a movie and tv tool where TV lives online! Watch your favorite shows, talk to other fans, read all the behind-the-scenes news and just generally revel in the most up-to-date and complete TV ...  More Jun 30th 2009

The better way to rank the best movies of all time

I ran video and DVD stores for years and must have been asked a hundred times what my favorite film of all time is. Eventually I just settled on Apocalypse Now to save the argument. It is pretty easy to pick about twenty or so of my all time favorites but it was hard to narrow it down to just the one. I should have just put them on to Flickchart. It's a movie review tool delivered in the most beautiful of interfaces that allows you to pick and rank your 'Best Movies of All Time' as well as presenting a vast array of trivia and movie information.   I truly love this movie tool. ...  More

Flickchart May 25th 2009

Video Search. One Stop Watching

CastTV was set up by a couple of entrepreneurs who found it hard to keep up with episodes of Survivor and The Super Bowl when they were away on holiday. CastTV has developed search technology that aggregates, indexes and presents data on millions of TV shows, movies, music videos, news and sports clips and viral videos from more than 1,000 web-video sources.   CastTV is a free online movie, tv and video search tool developed in San Francisco, California in 2006 by Edwin Ong and Alex Vikati and their services include a video search engine and the licensing of video search technology ...  More

CastTV Feb 19th 2009

Take FREE films to any website

When you embed a SnagFilms widget on your website you will open a virtual movie theater and be considered what they call a Filmanthropist. SnagFilms not only let's you watch full length documentary films for free but it's also very easy to take the films and place them anywhere you want on the Internet.     Donate your pixels and support independent film! SnagFilms is a movie tool that offers advertising-supported documentary films. Filmmakers can submit documentaries for consideration as well. The site includes documentary films produced by National Geographic and PBS and ...  More

SnagFilms Jul 18th 2008

Movie Recommendations & Community

Criticker is a very useful movie review tool that you can connect up to your social network. But not just any movie review tool. It aims to match you up with people with similar taste to your own to enhance your movie watching experience. While it would be easy to just recommend films to you, Criticker prefers to analyze your viewing past to pit you in touch with people that could guide your viewing future.     Criticker aims to match you with the people who share your taste in film most exactly by using the Taste Compatibility Index. With TCI you can identify with whom you ...  More

Criticker Oct 14th 2007

From home videos to internet television content

Veoh is one of those fine, almost philanthropical, online sites that manages to anchor you to the rest of the world. While it's reasonably easy to keep abreast of the big stories around the world it's not so simple to discover all the underlying things that are going on. While they might not be quite so earth shattering they are just as fascinating. Veoh is a free movie, tv and video tool that  let's you into the lives of some of the smaller people out there by gathering together a VAST selection of HD quality video programming from around the world.     Veoh is a web ...  More

Veoh Jun 24th 2007

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