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Get stuck in, join in and sing your heart out for the boys!

The thing that really sets football (or soccer to our American friends) apart from most other sports is of the witty banter and vocal playfulness of their supporters. Whether they are singing "I"m Forever Blowing Bubbles" for the minnows of West Ham United or "Real Madrid Ale Ale" for Spain's all-conquering champions, there's no denying that football fans are some of the most passionate around. To celebrate this comes the release of a fun free app for Android and iOS called Fan Chants where you can hear over 26,000 authentic real audio football chants and soccer songs - sung by real fans - ...  More

Fanchants Feb 4th 2014

A more relaxed form of social music streaming

After seeing literally heaps of music apps being unleashed on the market over the last year or so, things have gone rather quiet since the Spotify juggernaut came rolling into town. Zenound Music is a nicely relaxed mp3 streaming application that gives you plenty of room to stretch out, better organize and listen to your music collection and discover new stuff while letting you share your favorite music with your social friends.   With the demise of the record store there has been a bit of a gulf in getting music across to the rest of the general public. As with most things in this ...  More

Zenound Music Aug 23rd 2012

A great, simple music player with intelligent recommendations

You must have made a mix tape or two in your life, surely? If you saw Cameron Crowe's seminal 80's movie Say Anything you'll know exactly what it is. is a free MP3 music application where you can either create very cool mixes of music yourself or hunt through the copious amounts of personally chosen lists featured inside. Sounds pretty basic, doesn't it? But this is where the real beauty of kicks in. It just happens to feature some of the coolest mixes of lists, connections to great music to stir your interest. is a surprisingly enjoyable place to ...  More Mar 8th 2012

We are the champions - more soccer chants than you could shake a stick at

Fanchants has just launched their new site which has over 20,000+ real football chants and soccer songs, sung by real fans, from every team you can think of. A must have for the terrace connoisseur. All chants are free to download and roar from users Playstations, Xboxs, smartphones or computers. Fanchants have uploaded chants from over 500 teams from all over the world, as well as updating UK teams with new chants.  More

Fanchants Dec 9th 2011

Convert HD Youtube Videos to mp3

These video to Mp3 sites really are the internet's best kept secret to the crazed music fan. They strike me as running a similar service to sites like Napster and Limewire and we know what the music business thinks of those two. The bottom line though is that you can search, download and convert YouTube videos into HD Mp3 tracks that you can play on your computer or Mp3 player. And you can do it for free.   Grab and Run is a video to Mp3 tool where you can search YouTube videos and convert them to mp3 in HD quality. What's more, you can convert and download them as Iphone ringtones if ...  More

Grab and Run Aug 22nd 2011

YouTube to MP3 Converter

The best kept music secret on the net has finally been released on the rest of the world. Video2mp3 is a godsend to any serious music fan. It converts and dowloads YouTube videos to mp3 files accurately and quickly giving you access to the whole YouTube catalogue.   There are so many great live performances on YouTube that you don't see anywhere else. It's not like they've been released on cd. Video2mp3 can convert the video streams into mp3 files so that you can effectively make up fantastic live albums and play them through your computer or download them onto a disc or your mp3 ...  More

Video2mp3 Apr 28th 2009

Search and download songs and music videos for free in MP3 , MP4 and 3GP formats.

Bigsong is an incredibly easy to use song and music video download app that allows you to search and download from the net for your favourite songs from one simple location free of charge. Utilizing a fast search engine it provides a quick and easy way to download quality MP3 and music videos from a database that has access to millions of files with another 20,000 added every day.  More

Bigsong Aug 17th 2011


Create the reality that you want to live with the best dynamic affirmation/self-hypnosis app on ...  More

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Mar 14th 2018

Watermark Images

Watermark Images is a collection image and other file conversion and manipulation tools. Some of ...  More

pdf mp3 svg

May 16th 2016


The easiest YouTube to mp3 conversion tool. You can convert YouTube videos with a duration up ...  More

youtube mp3 audio

Oct 5th 2015

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