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A percussive app with great natural sound

Amongst any number of people there'll always be one who fancies them self as a drummer. You know the type - they are the ones that are always tapping away on their desk of tapping their feet on the floor whenever music is playing. They could even be that annoying guy who always brings his bongo drums to the party and proceeds to tap along to any song that takes his fancy. Well this music app for iOS is going to be the perfect app for them. Custom Drum Set Pro is a top of the range, fully customizable drum set with all the trimmings, that earned a 5star rating in the AppStore.   Custom ...  More

Custom Drum Set Pro Dec 11th 2012

"Smoke on the Water" anyone? Fun and unique guitar karaoke for everyone

There was a report a few years ago in a prominent British music paper that claimed in big bold letters that the guitar was dead. That year in the UK they sold more turntables than they did guitars. But when I look at the music business now all isles guitars so I guess that theory went out the window. You see, guitars are just so damned user friendly. So that's where Four ChordsHD comes in handy. Apparently, half of the people who attempt to learn to play guitar give up before they get proficient and much of that comes down to poor teaching techniques. Four Chords is a guitar karaoke ...  More

FourChords HD Dec 7th 2012

Its American Idol for the YouTube generation

The most popular shows on the TV these days are the reality-based ones and some of the biggest are the talent shows like The Voice, X-Factor and the worldwide variations of American Idol. However, those kind of shows tend to produce winners that tend to be fairly similar and there are only a small number of contestants that get the chance to shine each year. MeTheOne takes the talent show onto the Internet where everyone from singers, musicians, jugglers and surfers can pit their talent with the aid of social networks and YouTube. Give talent scouts and agents a chance to see your unique ...  More

MeTheOne Dec 2nd 2012

Let Beathound fill the gaps in your music collection

With the demise of the friendly local record bar seemingly getting closer and closer it's not quite as easy as it used to be to discover more music that you might find interesting - whether it be new or old. It could be that there is an album or two that you missed out on by your favorite artist or maybe there's a new album about to be released by them. Beathound is a free new release music application that analyzes your iTunes library, tells you what you might be missing in your collection and sends you emails when any of your faves bring out something new.   Beathound analyzes your ...  More

Beathound Oct 8th 2012

Turn your iOS into a stage ready drum computer

Noisepad is the brainchild of Dutch live DJ Chuckie. He came up with this user-friendly and very powerful drum computer, sequencer and beat creator for iOS to augment his live shows. Onstage, he can be seen tapping away on hs iPad and creating audacious beats and samples with this easy to use music application. Noisepad is a very impressive music application that is designed for live work. - whether it be at a party or on the world's biggest stage. Now you might lookI bit silly on stage with your iPhone but the iPad has been turned into a musical instrument.   Chuckie was In a need ...  More

Noisepad v2 update Oct 3rd 2012

Take your music collection with you without using iTunes

Probably the best way of describing Pulp Tunes Reloaded isn't necessarily by describing to you just what this music streaming application is. It might be more interesting to tell you what it isn't. The big difference between this music streamer and similar outcome apps like iTunes, Google's Play Music and Amazon's Cloud Player is that there is no cloud technology involved. Pulp Tunes is a simple yet powerful tool that effectively turns your browser into a music streaming service where you can easily drag and drop your music right into your websites and receive a URL that will give you (or ...  More

PulpTunes Reloaded Sep 17th 2012

A free music video community for unsigned artists

TV shows like "The Voice" and "X-Factor" have been a boon for a specific type of artist in recent times. Not only have record companies rushed to sign an awful lot of artists but those same artists have had the opportunity to sell millions of albums and often shoot to the top of the iTunes chart. But, as I said, the types of artists that tend to succeed on those sorts of TV shows are commercial pop artists who aren't too dissimilar to what's out there already. What happens to the artists who are a bit more original yet just as talented. Well, that is where this music app comes in useful. ...  More

Exposed Vocals Sep 15th 2012

A more relaxed form of social music streaming

After seeing literally heaps of music apps being unleashed on the market over the last year or so, things have gone rather quiet since the Spotify juggernaut came rolling into town. Zenound Music is a nicely relaxed mp3 streaming application that gives you plenty of room to stretch out, better organize and listen to your music collection and discover new stuff while letting you share your favorite music with your social friends.   With the demise of the record store there has been a bit of a gulf in getting music across to the rest of the general public. As with most things in this ...  More

Zenound Music Aug 23rd 2012

Music to my ears...

Life has just changed so much for the better. Spotify arrived in Australia (where i live) just a month or two ago and I gave it a go. It costs $11.99 a month to have full access to the premium app...but this gives you access to stream (and at high quality - 320kbps if you so choose) pretty much any track that ever existed...ok, some pedants will start wailing and gnashing their teeth and scream that they can't find x or y, but in all seriousness "most" music is there.   More

Spotify Aug 14th 2012

Set your Instagrams to your favorite music

We all know how the photo sharing application Instagram went when it was introduced in 2010 ... through the roof! For those of you that aren't aware Instagram is an application that lets you take a photo, treat it with special filters and share it with your social friends. tunegram takes the concept one step further, however, by introducing a musical element. And not just any kind of music. Rather than having someone like Robbie Williams crooning over your precious holiday photos, tunegram let's you share your current listening pleasure to aurally illustrate your photographic memories. ...  More

tunegram Jul 28th 2012

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