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A great music player for karaoke kings and queens

Apart from all its other features, SongFreaks is the amateur karaoke singer's dream. Since launching earlier this year this music player application for Android and all the usual iDevices has racked up over 20,000 downloads but it's key feature is one all buddy Freddie Mercury impersonators will love. It's Lyric Stream technology streams the lyrics in time with the song you are playing allowing you to follow the lyrics and sing along until your heart is content.   SongFreaks is a personal music player that's defining feature is that it streams lyrics in time with the song being ...  More

SongFreaks May 9th 2012

Pit your musical taste against your friends

There's a new DJ in town and their name ofthemuse is a nicely named new social music and video entertainment application that adds a new dimension to the music player phenomenon. Not only is it a fun way to compete with your friends based on your listening taste but it also increases musical knowledge and exposes you to the plethora of new music available these days. Pit your musical taste against others by becoming an online DJ and have your friends and followers vote on who has chosen the best song.   ofthemuse is a new music application that lets you listen to and ...  More

ofthemuse May 8th 2012

Never miss a song title on the radio again

It's very annoying when you hear a song on the radio and you don't get a back announcement on who it is. Or maybe you are out at a mall somewhere and a song that you like but have no idea who it s comes on over the system. One of the most frustrating of all is when it comes on during a movie or as part of a tv show. Damned frustrating, isn't it? Well, Tuneup Mobile solves that problem with ease...and then gives you even more. This Shazam-like music recognition application for iDevices hits all the right notes and tells you who is playing that song that you  can't get out of your head. ...  More

TuneUp Mobile May 2nd 2012

Nurture your music students not your paperwork

If you are a private music teacher I would hazard a guess that you didn't get into it because you wanted to spend hours on behind the scenes paperwork. What you really want to do is to get on with turning your students into great musicians rather than preparing bills and keeping track of lesson times. Privio is a free invoicing and management application for music teachers and students that provides billing and time management tools to take you away from paperwork and let's you concentrate on improving your students' capabilities.   Privio is a music management app that provides ...  More

Privio Apr 18th 2012

A document manager to make your downloading so much easier

xDownload is a document management and file download application for iPhone from the people who brought us the fabulous OrganiDoc HD and, with that sort of pedigree, you automatically know that it is going to impress. Its a very powerful and easy to use set of tools that let's you grab and download pictures as well as audio and video files - or anything else from the web - and put it into a queue on your iPhone so it is ready for downloading when you have WiFi access.   If you are feeling a little hand-tied to Safari's rather clumsy ways when wanting to download files then xDownload ...  More

xDownload Apr 15th 2012

A Pinteresting way of finding new music

One of the saddest things that has happened over the last few years has been the demise of the music store. Gone are the days when you could Wander down to the local record bar, have a chat to the guy behind the counter about his latest faves, listen to a few tunes and walk out with some great music. These days you have to do a lot more work to find some good new music. Sworly is a social music and video share application that could well be a way of making your music searching a little easier by giving you access to over 20 million songs and a very Pinteresting way of recommending new ...  More

Sworly Mar 31st 2012

SoundCloud goes mobile

The last couple of years has seen the social music share site SoundCloud go from strength to strength. Just released is this newly updated free app for iPhone, iPad and iPhone Touch that takes the musical community mobile and wherever you can get an Internet connection enabling you to interact, share and record music wherever and whenever you want.   SoundCloud really is the easiest way to share original music with friends in your social networks. It let's music fans as well as musicians and spoken word performers easily upload and listen to music from anywhere they can get a ...  More

SoundCloud Mar 27th 2012

Ah, but can you play "Smoke On The Water?"

If I told you that Camelot's Guitar Chords app is similar to GarageBand I could give it no better recommendation. The main difference here, of course, is that the only instrument you have to master is the guitar. Guitar Chords is an absolutely beautiful guitar learning app for iPhone and iPad that gives you a very tasty 6 string / 15 fret virtual guitar to learn to play on. Not only does it look like a million dollars but it sounds like it too - and all at your fingertips on your mobile.   Guitar Chords lets you play guitar on your iPhone & iPad with this beautiful 6 string, 15 ...  More

Guitar Chords Mar 22nd 2012

I have seen the future of rock n roll and it's name is...GarageBand

You must have heard about GarageBand. It's Apple's glorious music creator that has been around for a little while now. Well now it's available for iPad iPod Touch and iPhone and, without doubt, I have to say that it is one of Apple's finest creations. For those not aware, GarageBand gives you an array of tools that allow you to play copious amounts of instruments, record music and even jam with friends. What's more, you can play wherever you have an Internet connection and whenever you want.   Whether you’re a musical prodigy or just love creating your own walls of sound, ...  More

GarageBand Mar 15th 2012

Prove you are a better drummer than Ringo

There's an old joke that asks "What does a drummer use for contraception?" - the answer, of course,  is his personality but I think that is just nasty. I have some great friends who are drummers and at least one of them has a girlfriend. Drums Master is a fun music application that allows everybody to release their inner Ringo. The only difference here is that you can play the most beautiful drum patterns on a cool looking app on your iPhone or iPad so you won't be disturbing the neighbors too much as you jam along to The Beatles.   Drums Master lets you enjoy a complete drumming ...  More

Drums Master Mar 14th 2012

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