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No more radio Gaga

You really can't get a simpler music and radio application than MyRadioList. When they say in the description that it's lean they really aren't joking. The thing is, the whole point of the exercise is to provide the user with an easy to use app where you can store direct links to your favorite radio stations so you can access them instantly whenever you want to and wherever you are. MyRadioList provides the opportunity to effortlessly list the radio stations you care for and have them available at the click of an index finger.   Unless you are a fan of what used to be called Top 40 ...  More

MyRadioList Mar 13th 2012

A social network that keeps on giving

Whilst social networks like Facebook and Twitter often promote charitable events one could hardly call them a social charity. Talkic, on the other hand, actively promotes itself as a social network where contributing to topics benefits causes. In real terms, that translates into Talkic donating US 1.1 cents to one of 20 Canadian charities every time you click on a topic when signed in.   Talkic is a social network where topics are friends and where by clicking or contributing to a topic you will indirectly be benefitting various causes. Just by contributing to topics Talkic donates ...  More Mar 8th 2012

A great, simple music player with intelligent recommendations

You must have made a mix tape or two in your life, surely? If you saw Cameron Crowe's seminal 80's movie Say Anything you'll know exactly what it is. is a free MP3 music application where you can either create very cool mixes of music yourself or hunt through the copious amounts of personally chosen lists featured inside. Sounds pretty basic, doesn't it? But this is where the real beauty of kicks in. It just happens to feature some of the coolest mixes of lists, connections to great music to stir your interest. is a surprisingly enjoyable place to ...  More Mar 8th 2012

Easy to install music player for your blog

TumblrPlayer is a free music player and web design application that allows you to insert a player onto your blog so that all your friends can listen to your favorite music while they read your fascinating diatribes.  This simple to use music app is a very elegant addition in the music player marketplace and gives you the freedom to create your music playlists from either your own music library, YouTube, Tumblr or your Blogger account.   TumblrPlayer is a free music, blog and web design application that allows you to use the wizard on the website to generate the code for a music ...  More

Tumblr Player Feb 16th 2012

Much more than just another music player

There are plenty of music player applications available but there aren't too many that do the things that FuniPlayer does. You see, apart from being a regular music player, this one has a few other snappy tricks up it's sleeves. For a start you can strip all the music off a song and be left with just the vocals - acappella style. Or you can turn it round and take the vocals off the instrumental and have your own karaoke versions of your favorite can even play it backwards or speed. It up or slow it down if you want to.   FuniPlayer provides you with a music player that shows ...  More

Funi Player Feb 14th 2012

A music & video player with suggestions

There are times when your music collection just doesn't cut it anymore. There is little that inspires you and the radio isn't giving you the music you crave. MoreChoonz to the rescue! Here is a social music and video application for your iPhone or Android that gives you the latest recommendations of the best music from all over the world. Rather than limiting yourself to reading reviews from critics that you know little about, MoreChoonz provides suggestions that you can watch, hear and save as well as being able to create your own playlists and share your new faves to your favorite social ...  More

MoreChoonz Feb 12th 2012

Present musical projects, find gigs, get hired and get paid!

It's pretty easy to see that this music networking application has been put together by professionals in the music business. myMusicCircle provides pretty well everything you need to help your music project take off. It's main purpose in life is to secure employment for musicians, producers and managers etc - not an easy thing in this day and age. Just create your very own professional profile and advertise your specific skills to gain work. Alternatively, if you are putting on a music project you can scour the profiles to get the right person for the job.   Half the problem with the ...  More Feb 3rd 2012

Create and share playlists fast

With a name like Choruzz this could only be a music application, couldnt it? Chorus...gettit? And while there are a whole heap of music apps available this one's sole purpose in life is to share music fast without having to sign up, do handstands or hand over any credit card details. It's powered by YouTube API and Last-fm API so you know exactly the quality of site your music is coming from. Either create your own playlists simply and easily or choose from other people's playlists and share them with your friends.   Choruzz is a service kinda like Lookfm that lets you create and ...  More

Choruzz Jan 31st 2012

You What?! Free Football Chant iPhone App - 10,000+ Real Audio Soccer Chants

The No.1 football chant website has just released a new free iPhone app. The app plays over 10,000 real football chants recorded from fans of 500+ teams and is free to download on iTunes. receives hundreds, sometimes thousands, of audio chants monthly from soccer fans all around the world so the archive just keeps growing. From Argentine harmonies and Brazilian Samba beats, to German chanting and British funnies, the FanChants iPhone app has every football fan catered forAlerts - New chants and Staff PicksUsers register their favourite team within the app to be ...  More

FanChants iPhone app Jan 29th 2012

The easiest free music player you'll every use

There are squillions of online music services available as free applications which are easy to use. Redolf Music is just one of them. The difference with this one though, is that Redolf has none of the overcomplicated bits and pieces that often come with music apps. With Redolf it's just a case of typing in the search box and choosing your song title. Then you can save it in a playlist and have it available later or whenever you want to play it again.  More

redolf music Jan 26th 2012

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