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The grunge revival starts here...hold the smellovision, though!

How could we here at the FeedMyApp offices pass up the opportunity to review an app with a name as tasteful as this one. After all, is there anyone out there that can manage to refrain from offering a smile when someone even mentions the fart world. We are a strange race, that's for sure. Fart Guitar is actually a music application for iOS and Android that offers a new take on the grunge guitar sound. It lets you play your licks on your device with some of the wildest farting guitar sounds this side of the Black Keys. You can play all your favorite songs but with a particular down and ...  More

Fart Guitar May 19th 2013

'Scuse me while i kiss which guy?

We've all got an embarrassing story about misheard lyrics in songs that you think you are totally familiar with. Desmond Dekker's classic hit "The Israelites" always baffled me when I was a kid because I was convinced that Mr Dekker was telling me that his 'ears are alight.' Maybe you had to be there. Of late, there was a Foo Fighters song where I always wondered who the Allison was and why it was the last song he'd write to her. It wasn't until recently that I found out that Dave was singing "I listen, but your out of tune" and the song was about Kurt Cobain. MusicLyrics is a new music ...  More May 16th 2013

A user-friendly music app that looks a million dollars

There's something very likable about music apps. Whenever I send my friends details of new music apps they are always excited by the prospect of another way of creating a cool place to find out more about their favorite musicians. ArtistBox is an iOS app that searches through your iPhone or iPad music library and displays them within the beautiful looking interface. While there are plenty of other similar apps around, ArtistBox excels on its user-friendliness and its depth of information. The app aggregates a vast amount of photos and info to enhance your listening experience.   ...  More

ArtistBox May 9th 2013

Skrillex to the left...Beyonce to the right. Now you can play them both at the same time.

You see it every day with school kids on the bus or train on the way to or from school. There will always be a couple of best friends with an earphone from the same device plugged into their ear listening to music. You've got to hope that they both like the same kind of music. But what if one of them is into the abrasive sounds of someone like Skrillex and the other likes the smoother sounds of Beyonce? How do you get around that? One song each, maybe? Well now this new music sharing application called splitr has come along for iOS that provides a way for both parties to listen to what ...  More

splitr May 8th 2013

What if someone had offered free Facebook shares way back then?

If somebody had asked you to get involved with an online social network called Facebook all those years ago do you think you would have taken it any further? If you did, of course, you would probably be sitting pretty right now. So if a new social network was about to start up that has something new to offer and offered you the chance to get involved during the pre-organizational stage, would you be interested? You'd be crazy not to look at it. GlobAllShare claims to be the future of social networking. It also offers the chance for early subscribers who contribute to its growth to benefit ...  More

GlobAllShare: Social Network of the future Apr 30th 2013

Watch amazing live gigs from the comfort of your own device

I used to work for a concert promoter a few years back and I remember talking to him in his car one night about a Clash tour he was promoting. He was damned worried that $13 per ticket was going to prove too costly and no one would buy tickets at that price. Gee, how things have changed. Back in those days you could generally but a ticket on the night and have change to pick up a tshirt too. These days, however, you have to mortgage the house six months ahead to be sure of getting a ticket. So, as a consequence, we all miss out on watching some of our favorite music artists live. EVNTLIVE ...  More

EVNTLIVE Apr 14th 2013

The ultimate record collector's online toy

There used to be truckloads of true music fans a few years ago but sadly, with the demise of the record stores, those passionate individuals have disappeared into their bedrooms. But occasionally they resurface and pop up online and give us the benefit of their vast musical knowledge and encourage others. MyRecordList is the result of that fine obsession. Its really the ultimate music app that is perfect for the true record collecting nerd and is a place where you can list your complete music collection - no matter which format - and interact with similar minded music mad fans the world ...  More

MyRecordList Apr 2nd 2013

If only Brian Wilson had this music app when he created Pet Sounds

I've listened to a lot of music in my lifetime and I think I can pick a bum note as well as anyone but, by no stretch of the imagination, could I be regarded as an expert on the more technical side of music. So when I came across this new music learning application, it took me quite a while to realize what it actually does. When it comes right down to it, Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro is an app for everyone connected with learning, playing and teaching music to help them in analyzing and composing harmonic progressions easily - no matter what key you are in. In other words, it cuts out the bum ...  More

Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro Mar 29th 2013

Create groovy pics and wallpaper for your iOS

Finger Flair is one of those apps that serve little purpose other than for pure unadulterated fun. This bizarre but artistic mix of music, art and science is a trippy little animation app for iOS that lets you control all the visuals that you put on the screen with just your fingers. You create a bunch of very cool animations and turn it into wallpaper at the touch of a finger or two. Not only that but, as a truly mind blowing experience, you can add some of your own groovy music to play along with it.   Finger Flair combines music, art and science in one relaxing experience and lets ...  More

Finger Flair Mar 3rd 2013

More fun than a box full of Karaoke machines

Jukeboxer is an hilarious interactive music app that will have you in stitches. With a name like Jukeboxer, you might be fooled into thinking this is yet another basic music player. However, this is an app that isn't just about listening to music. It encourages the listener to participate and record their version of a song and share it with the world. Don't worry too much if you don't have a great voice or are on the shy side because the app features a neat little Voice Filter to make it sound great.   Jukeboxer is a free iPhone app that is part game and part musical challenge. It is ...  More

Jukeboxer Feb 14th 2013

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