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Outist lets you meet new people, locals, expats, travelers, and like-minded individuals nearby. ...  More

nearby ios meet

Nov 17th 2019


NearNotify (N2) beacons are small, battery-operated wireless devices that transmit Bluetooth ...  More

nearby ios proximity

Mar 10th 2018


GeoConnect is A Location Based App that Geographically Connects Users to Nearby People, Places ...  More

meetnewpeople local nearby

Jan 20th 2018


AI + user generated Photo Maps is the core of our Travel App called UrbanBird. We are bringing ...  More

social arkit nearby

Sep 6th 2017


Welcome to PICKA! A NEW LOCATION BASED FREE DATING APP! Picka is innovative, discreet,and ...  More

meeting android dating

Jan 31st 2017

Palp for Proximity Social Marketing

Palp enables users to create and discover simple posts with a picture, in a close range over ...  More

promotions marketing share

Oct 9th 2016


Findout shows you blog posts and articles about great places nearby. Discover amazing places ...  More

iphone adventure outdoor

Sep 23rd 2016

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