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FlakeIN: Mobile Meetups On Demand is a revolutionary mobile application that allows people who ...  More

food social friends

Jan 30th 2017


polly is a new form of realtime social interactions and group decision making. More than that, ...  More

vote decisions social

Dec 14th 2016


Lit.Life is a image sharing social networking app. Though, there are much more features tailored ...  More

social photo video

Nov 11th 2016

JellyChip App

JellyChip is a playground for changing lives. Chat to your friends, send Snaps, answer surveys ...  More

social network social surveys

Sep 21st 2016

Air Scan

Air Scan is an Android app, which makes your Wireless networks smart... irrespective of your ...  More

utilityapp network

Aug 19th 2016

Social Whisper

Social Whisper is a social project and new type of social networks where user profiles are ...  More

social network

Aug 5th 2016


dreemkacher is a mobile application designed to help creative talent and/or businesses showcase ...  More

music business art

Jul 6th 2016

Piggyback - Create moments with friends

Piggybacks are video and photo chains you create with friends, and a new way to be part of each ...  More

social photo ios

Jun 16th 2016

Let’s face it. We all have too much to do and not enough time. Remember that mindless ...  More

job knowledge management

Mar 18th 2016


Vidytape is a social video sharing application which enables you to upload, download and share ...  More

download ios iphone

Mar 10th 2016

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