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A Pinteresting way of finding new music

One of the saddest things that has happened over the last few years has been the demise of the music store. Gone are the days when you could Wander down to the local record bar, have a chat to the guy behind the counter about his latest faves, listen to a few tunes and walk out with some great music. These days you have to do a lot more work to find some good new music. Sworly is a social music and video share application that could well be a way of making your music searching a little easier by giving you access to over 20 million songs and a very Pinteresting way of recommending new ...  More

Sworly Mar 31st 2012

Did someone say something about worldwide free phone calls?

With so many of our friends and relatives spread across the world these days we are all constantly looking for the cheapest way to keep in contact with them - wherever they are. Forfone is a free voip and phone communication application for iPhone and Android that enables users to make free phone calls and send free text messages to other forfone users wherever they may be in the world. Even if they aren't a forfone user they also provide a low cost and affordable service to any landline or mobile in the world.   With forfone you can make free worldwide on- net calls to other forfone ...  More

forfone Mar 24th 2012

Monitor your website from wherever you are

Wupbox solves the problem of how you keep track of what's happening with your website as you travel the globe. Whether you are off on holiday or travel the world as part of your business you still need to know that your website or startup is working effectively and Wupbox allows you to monitor everything you need to know and get notifications if things are running slow or a problem is detected.   Wupbox is a set of  networking and communication tools that allow you to monitor and analyze your website from different specific locations in the world and make sure that everything is ...  More

Wupbox Feb 10th 2012

Present musical projects, find gigs, get hired and get paid!

It's pretty easy to see that this music networking application has been put together by professionals in the music business. myMusicCircle provides pretty well everything you need to help your music project take off. It's main purpose in life is to secure employment for musicians, producers and managers etc - not an easy thing in this day and age. Just create your very own professional profile and advertise your specific skills to gain work. Alternatively, if you are putting on a music project you can scour the profiles to get the right person for the job.   Half the problem with the ...  More Feb 3rd 2012

Make new friends the digital way

Do people still use the old asl abbreviation? I guess they probably do in the chat rooms around cyberspace. They do in the social networking chat application Asl Plz, that's for sure. Here is a place where you can make new friends the digital way and connect with users nearby who also use similar  mobile phones. When you locate your new found friends you can unite, chat and find out if they have similar interests to your own.   If you want to make friends the digital way the Asl Plz app is a free service for Android, Blackberry, iPhone and Windows Phone that gives you the unique ...  More

asl plz: Meet New People, Make New Friends Jan 29th 2012

Get the right lawyer

"Better get a lawyer, son" - that's how the song goes, isn't it? Well, it's easy enough to get a lawyer alright but not so easy to get the RIGHT lawyer for you. One with the right knowledge and expertise on the case you have for them not to mention one that suits your budget. RFPattorney is a legal marketplace application that's similar to other legal apps like the recently reviewed Quigal. By utilizing the power of the Internet and social media it provides a new of connecting practicing lawyers with potential clients making it a win-win situation for all concerned.  More

RFPattorney Jan 20th 2012

The ultimate TV management guide

TV seems to have taken over from the movies as the biggest talk around the water cooler these days. The regularity of a series gets into the psyche of the watching public far more effectively. With so many series being highly complicated to follow the viewer is sucked more and more into a maelstrom of information and snippets of information from friends and many other sources. Miss an episode and you have no idea what's going on - just ask fans of "Lost." is a place for TV tragics. It's a place where you can share thoughts and view your friends' favorites while managing your own tv ...  More Jan 17th 2012

A social blogging network

NovaLet is a free blogging tool that masquerades as a social network. It's a blogging network where you can start and keep a blog, follow other bloggers, comment and share as well as being able to message other bloggers. NovaLet gives new meaning to social networking by connecting bloggers worldwide and letting them communicate and interact while keeping up to date with each other's publications.   NovaLet is a social blogging network where users are able to keep a blog, follow other blogs in the network, comment, bookmark, share content, message each other and more. NovaLet brings ...  More

NovaLet Dec 25th 2011

Sleep monitor - zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Well they’ve certainly got the name of this one right, it made me yawn just reading the description. I’m all for research into anything that might be of use to people’s wellbeing but this one doesn’t seem to have any real purpose apart from presenting you with a graph that will prove to your friends that you weren’t lying when you said you were having trouble sleeping! The app isn’t difficult to use, you sign in and then enter the details of your sleep experience. Having said that I’m not sure how you note the exact time you actually fell ...  More

YawnLog Dec 14th 2011

Another Social Network? But this one is aimed straight at small business

There have been many attempts but no one has really come up with a social network for the business community. LinkedIn does to some extent but it is more a referral for job prospects. Facebook and Twitter seem to be coming of age in a selling commodity but interaction between businesses is not a strong point for either. So maybe AboutOurWork can fill that gap. It's a social business network dedicated to helping your small business grow.   More

AboutOurWork Nov 28th 2011

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