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Strike a pose and argue your case online

Do you think you know what's really happening in world events? Can you hold your own in a conversation about the Middle East, the benefits of Mac over PC or which TV shows the greatest of the 21st Century. State A Debate is a social news app that let's you put your opinions on the line and debate the issue with others the world over. This free and easy to use app allows your pit your opinions against others and argue your case on the big stage. There's even a scoring system to see who rules the roost when it comes to debating your point.   State a Debate offers the public a platform ...  More

State a debate! Apr 5th 2012

When do you think the price of gas will hit five bucks a gallon?

There's always one person in your group of friends who seems to have an opinion on everything. Who's going to win the election? Who's going to win the game? Is Prince Harry really Charles' son? Hang on, how did that get in there? Correctnicity is a crowdsourcing news prediction application that let's you predict the outcome of any number of events to see how accurate they turn out to be. Not only will Correctnicity measure the king or queen of predictions it will also increase your knowledge of whats going on in the world.   All of us make predictions everyday, but until now there ...  More

Correctnicity Mar 24th 2012

All the news on your favorite team

All you sports fans will have your favorite sport applications to get the latest news about your teams but none will features the thing that sets the RSS app FeedMeSports apart from the rest. This sport app for your smartphone, iPad and iPod Touch  brings together heaps of feeds including blogs, newspaper articles and national media article that center around your favorite sporting team rather than the sport itself.   FeedMeSports unique in that it allows the user to choose the specific teams they want to follow and get news for. This is completely different from most other RSS ...  More

FeedMeSports Mar 2nd 2012

Attention gadgeteers

If you are one of those people who gets excited about gadgets, and there's a lot of you guys about, Drippler will be an interesting ecommerce news application for your mobile that you might want to keep an eye on. Drippler is a source of information regarding all things gadget - from all the latest mobile phones through tablets and right on to games consoles. The idea being to keep the gadget user informed and excited about all the product around, the most popular ones and  when new stuff is coming out.   Drippler is the ultimate information source for gadget users. In fact, it ...  More

Drippler Feb 14th 2012

News Headlynes in 77 characters

There's always the old epithet of 'less is more' but it isn't always true. For some there's no point in getting nothing but the whole story when reading the news. All the juicy information on all the stories. However, that isn't always possible to achieve. We lead very busy lives but that doesn't mean that you can't keep up with what's going on in the world. Headlynes is a microblogging social news application that let's you read and deliver news headlines in 77 characters or less so you can get a kinda potted history of the top stories going around.   Headlynes is a new service that ...  More

Headlynes Jan 20th 2012

All the news you will ever need

Have you ever been into a newsagent and just read the newspapers until they throw you out for not buying anything? Whaddya mean no? You haven't lived until you've been there. Anyway, headslinger let's you read all the most interesting articles from all the most interesting news sources and all from the comfort of your own home. And you'll never get kicked out for doing it.   headslinger is a news sharing and social application that allows you to create a custom news list by news source. Whats more, it allows you to categorize your news by folder.The way we access our news has changed ...  More

headslinger Jan 7th 2012

Tips for wannabe management consultants

Having access to the question paper before sitting an exam would obviously give you a considerable advantage but few of us have ever had that luxury. It strikes me as slightly comical therefore that a group of business school students have got together to develop a site that aims to give you the answers to questions that might arise when you’re being interviewed for a management consultant post.  More

Case Interview Database Dec 1st 2011

Collaboration for news with rich media content

It is a fundamental human trait to need to ask questions and get responses. In the old days when we tended to live in smaller communities this was possible with face-to-face communication. However, as society has grown it has become impractical for one person to communicate their thoughts and news with everyone on a daily basis. Then newspapers and printed media entered the scene offering content and insight to a broader crowd. Then came the digital age and then came CivicBoom. It's a news app that connects the people that have news content with the people that need it.  More

Civicboom Dec 1st 2011

Rent Luxury Cars

Do you feel envious when you are driving around town in your rented Ford Fiasco and watching as all the cool luxury cars whip past you? It would be great to be able to hire something a bit more upmarket to make a change. The problem there, of course, is it's a little cost prohibitive, isn't it? While it would be nice to shell out for that Mustang for a day it's not particularly cheap and could set you back hundreds of dollars. So if I told you there was a cool little members only club you could join where you could rent luxury cars for about half the price of most of the Main Street ...  More

HiGear Nov 11th 2011

Does that place have bedbugs? Check or report here!

I must be one of the luckiest people around. I’ve travelled a bit both for business and pleasure purposes but I’ve never had the misfortune to be eaten alive by bedbugs! I’m not quite sure what the people behind this site hope to achieve but I suppose they are providing a public service of some kind. Having said that I do think their mission to "report and follow bedbug information around the world" could be just slightly bordering on the over ambitious. There are a number of ways of interpreting the activity (or lack of it) on the site and some are good and ...  More

Has Bed Bugs Jan 4th 2011

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