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Upload funny videos, pics and games.

This is a site that promises much in the way of earning cash but it’s probably a good idea to consider how you make it before you start staging funny situations and capturing them on your video. And unless you reside in the US, Canada, Australia, UK and other EU countries you’ll not be able to take part anyway but I can’t imagine too many people crying over that to be honest.   More Jan 20th 2011

One stop center for all football fans

Warning! it's a scary prospect putting together a social network and tying it up with football, or soccer to our American friends. SoccerFreakz is the only social network dedicated to football fans around the world. On the one hand it provides up-to-the-minute scores and football related information from around the globe. But in a world first you can also connect with like minded football fans from around the world and discuss rumors and news from the world of the round ball.     Football Social Network is a social networking sport and news tool for all football fans from ...  More

SoccerFreakz Oct 20th 2011

A community for financial news, ideas, and tips

Fancy becoming the editor of a financial news magazine? Well this site might not quite fulfil that ambition but as a member of the Tip’d community you can certainly have a say about what goes on the front page.  More

Billed as a community for financial news, ideas and tips the site is full of news articles submitted by members covering a wide range of issues including business and personal finance, real estate, stocks, entrepreneurship and the general economy.   More

Tip'd Nov 18th 2008

Mobile News Radio App

There used to be a time when most people got their news from the radio. You must have seen those pictures of mum and dad with their ears cocked to the bulky old bakerlite radio with the kids playing at their feet. These days we get our news from so many different sources. Newspapers, TV and the Internet. The only trouble now is that we don't have as much time as we used to and much of the news that would be of interest to us is lost in the maelstrom. We've turned into a nation of headline readers and tend to miss the real stories.  It'd be great if we could get someone to read us all ...  More

Vocalyze Sep 26th 2011

Discover & Share Business, Economy & Finance News, Articles & Videos

If you fancy contributing to the world of financial journalism, but in common with most budding hacks find the "staff job" door firmly closed, could be the place to get heard. If you happen to be a blogger too then exposure to a much wider audience could be just one of the other benefits.  More

fwisp Aug 17th 2009

Your guide to the financial world

Imagine being able to take a financial adviser around with you all the time, and one that talks in plain English too. is a great one-stop-shop for all of the questions you might have from the best credit card and payday loan deals around to the more worrying subject of serious debt problems.  More

Rate Rush May 7th 2010

BuzzFeed Tracks the Web’s Obsessions in Real Time

Everyone loves sites like these. You know how it goes, you search for a video called biggest crocodile ever caught and you'll find it here. Four hours later your mouth will be dry and you'll have watched everything from a story about Fighting Obesity With Marijuana to Pics of Pippa Middleton topless. BuzzFeed is a free and very cool looking tool that features all those weird and wacky videos and crazy stories that have the potential to go viral.   More

BuzzFeed Sep 3rd 2011

Facebook Trending Topics

Here's a snappy little social networking trending tool that could bring out the voyeur in all of us. TopicStatus does just what it's name suggests. If you really want to find out what people are talking about on Facebook or showing on YouTube then this trending topic site will serve the purpose. Alternatively you can start your own hot topic and send it into cyberspace and create your own trend.Simple to use and absolutely free, Topic Status features the simplest of interfaces. You can view the myriad of trending subjects and just click to see who is talking about it. Or you can type in ...  More

TopicStatus Aug 28th 2011

Discover like never before!


Trending! It's a fascinating thing. We've all seen it on Twitter and it tends to follow obvious patterns. The most popular subjects, videos and pictures are batted back and forth on the web and they become viral. Pretty soon the video of the cute talking dog you saw on your Facebook account from a friend in Timbuktu is suddenly coming at you from all directions. So wouldn't it be great if you could influence that? allows you to influence just what people are watching and sharing.  More

infactious Aug 12th 2011

Gaming news for the people by the people

This app caters for the hardcore gaming fans who want the inside story on the industry. N4G is run by its members, which means all news stories are posted by the community. Members search the net for the most interesting stories, and hundreds of stories get submitted by N4G contributors each day. The most interesting stories get featured on the N4G homepage where they are rated by a temperature score reflecting the popularity of each story.  More

n4g Jan 3rd 2010

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