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Are you one of those people who seem to be just that little bit behind everyone else when it comes to content on social media? Do you find that you are always 'second-best' when it comes to posting news items? If that's the case, then maybe you need a better news aggregator to feed you up-to-date stories and to make you 'top dog' on your social network. Trigger is a rather sociable news aggregator for both iOS and Android that hand picks and delivers content to you an hour or so before anyone else can get their eyes on it. It gives you the chance to become someone who posts great content ...  More

Trigger Aug 6th 2015


At elocance, we're reimagining how people consume content on the go, by giving reading a voice. ...  More

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Wheel of Popups

Wheel of Popups is the best exit-intent popup for websites, with an average ~14% increase in ...  More

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Want to debunk the information overload surrounding bitcoin & other ...  More

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Email marketing exposed! Browse millions of marketing emails from tens of thousands of sites. ...  More

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FreshMail is an email marketing software system for creating, sending and tracking campaigns. ...  More

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Sentopia X3

E-mail is the Most Effective Digital Marketing Tool! At Sentopia, we strive to help you ...  More

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Bollywood News

Explore all entertainment news in single app Drop your suggestions: ...  More

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Workshop is a tiny private newsletter that sends gig opportunities to freelance web designers ...  More

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