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Organize the household with this collaborative whiteboard

HATCHEDit is like a collaborative whiteboard for Android where you can organize your collective family life with a calendar, an address book, a family news and notebook tool and household blog. It's a place to keep all the important information the family needs and then adds a social aspect by letting you share relevant information, not only with your spouse and kids, but also with grandparents, babysitters and au pairs.   HATCHEDit is a mobile whiteboard for managing your personal life and succeeds in bringing social collaborative tools online and into the home.  Its a free ...  More

HatchedIt Apr 18th 2012

Be prepared for your insurance claims

I'm sure we've all known someone who has had dealings with insurance companies (or, God forbid, maybe you have even suffered yourself) and their tendency to get a little pedantic when it comes to making claims. Whether it be the possibility of fire in the home, a burglary or even a natural disaster, there always seems to be a problem when it comes to the crunch. Vaultbox is a cloud based inventory system where you can beat the insurers at their own game. Store relevant information including serial numbers and receipts so that when you make a claim you have all the information you need to ...  More Apr 17th 2012

Store your contact details in one place

Don't you think it's time that we moved on from the humble address book and business card now that we have hit the noughties? I mean, come on people, it's time to move on. If you are anything like me you'll keep all your contact details in various places. Some are on your mobile, some on your computer and some are on sticky post-it notes stuck on your fridge. In fact, here's one in my back pocket. eGroovyContacts is an organize app where you can keep all of your contact details in one handy place and you can access them from anywhere you can find an Internet connection. Oh, and with this ...  More

eGroovyContacts Dec 14th 2011


Organise your social media streams by creating your own custom channels. Decide exactly what ...  More

facebook social media management social

Oct 29th 2017

OneQstn iMessage

OneQstn for iMessage allows you to quickly send a single question poll to any, or many, of your ...  More

iphone iosq poll

May 17th 2017


Scribtek is a cloud-based activity management program, created to accomplish a multitude of ...  More

management activity transactions

Oct 15th 2016


Chek syncs your upcoming personal and group tasks/assignments to a visual timeline so you can ...  More

ios calendar collaboration

Mar 19th 2016


Cubeit lets you save, organize, and share content from different apps in one place. So if you're ...  More

bookmarking organisation productivity

Feb 17th 2016


Tasktic: a powerful task manager that is easy to use, made for busy people who love to get ...  More

business gtd organisation

Dec 7th 2015

Storage Area

Storage area is an app that allows anyone to scan any item's barcode, you can then add the name ...  More

productivity organisation storage

Sep 4th 2015

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