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Organize your to-do list and get things done

kanban2go, in initials-speak, is a task management application that organizes your TD list and helps you to GTD! Roughly translated that means that it manages your To-Do list and enables you to GetThings Done!  This free productivity tool can be used on any device to effortlessly organize, prioritize and manage your work in a small team environment and just generally make your professional or personal life less complicated enabling you to achieve stuff.   kanban2go is a visual online task management software. It lets you simplify managing your To Do lists effortlessly from any ...  More

kanban2go Feb 24th 2012

Putting the social and fun into project management

Over the last few years, social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook have revolutionized the way we interact and share information with our friends. Yodiz is a project management tool that does similar things but in a business oriented format. Whether you are looking for a set of personal management tools or something with a bit more oomph for your business, big or small, Yodiz is an all-encompassing development program that gives you the power to organize your life and collaborate with your co conspirators.   Yodiz is a disruptive, cloud based service that claims to have made a ...  More

Yodiz Feb 8th 2012

Simple but effective personal finance organizer

My Weekly Budget (MyWB) does exactly what the name helps you keep track of your weekly budget. It won't help with a monthly budget or a fortnightly one...just weekly. I launched the app expecting a complex set up process with salary to be entered etc...but it wasn't to simply put in an amount of money that you wish to set as your budget and then add in expenses. The expenses can be chosen from a fairly comprehensive list, or you can create your own. As the list of expenses is quite long (and gets longer if you add your own) there is a favourite category where ...  More

My Weekly Budget (MyWB) Feb 8th 2012

One for the wine buffs...

If you’re made of the sort of money that allows you to keep 500+ bottles of wine in your cellar then $49 a year for this site’s premium plan will seem like a spit in the ocean. I can usually manage to rack up about 30 bottles pre-Christmas, however, they never seem to make it much past New Year’s Eve and although I’ve often thought about keeping the labels in a scrapbook of the one’s I like it’s always something someone else does. Anyway if wine’s your passion, as a collector as well as a guzzler I might add, then this one just might ...  More

My Wine Assistant Jan 19th 2012

Fast calendars to print

I could go into raptures over the multitude of things that Print a Calendar does but I won't. I could say that it does somersaults and can cook dinner at the same time but I won't either. I could even tell you that you could interact with the calendar and flashing lights would come on at regular intervals but I'm not going to tell you that either. The truth is that there is only one thing that this calendar application can do and that's to provide the user with the raw materials to print a new calendar for each month of 2012. Print a Calendar was designed with one goal in mind and that's ...  More

Print a Calendar Jan 5th 2012

Ticketing and publicity for your event

Organizing any event where attendance is on a paid-for ticket basis is always a bit of a nightmare, however, Eventzi looks to have all of the features to overcome most of those niggling problems. By signing up you can create a web page for your event and customize it with logos and images. Spreading the word is then made easy with an automatic listing on the popular search engines. You can also email the unique URL to a contact list who in turn can get the news out to their friends with one-click integration to all of the social network sites.  More

Eventzi Dec 14th 2011

More room for cash in your wallet with this online receipt storage

Well here is a familiar problem that we all have to face it one time or another. For many different reasons we are required to keep recepts for our purchases. It might be for taxation reasons, for claiming back work expenses or a shared expense with a housemate. Now if you are anything like me I've got some in a drawer under the computer, some on the kitchen noticeboard and some in my wallet. Oh, and then there's a couple in my pocket. OneReceipt is a free personal finance organize tool where you can keep all your receipts - whether online or paper - in one convenient place.  More

OneReceipt Dec 6th 2011

Timetable and list freaks - you might get a kick out of this

It’s difficult to know how to approach this one really, as an app the features look fine with clear screen pages and it’s all pretty thorough. To be honest though if I had a bunch of friends that needed this much organization just for a night out at the cinema I think I might be tempted to try and find some new ones. It’s not just for the cinema of course as you can use fasterplan to organize any type of get together with your chums. Not only can you suggest an activity but you can give them a whole host of options to argue about too!  More

Fasterplan Dec 1st 2011

Cats and dogs - get them organized

It’s quite a responsibility looking after someone else’s pooch or moggy when they’re away and if you make it a business rather than just a favour for friends then you’ll need some serious organization to gain a credible reputation. certainly gives you plenty of features to run an efficient and professional looking boarding kennel or cattery as far as the administration side goes. You’ll still have to clean the pens and walk and groom your charges but then those are the pleasures of the business.  More

Kennelboard Nov 29th 2011

Online employee shift scheduling

Zoomshift is your all encompassing business employee scheduling tool that goes some way to organizing your employees rosters and availability as simply and efficiently as possible. Want to know an employees weekly availability? What days they have requested off next week? Their skill level for a specific position? No problem, you can access all of this information in seconds. Everything you need to know about your employees is at your fingertips.   More

Zoomshift Nov 22nd 2011

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