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Integrate all your self-tracking data in one place.

Very few of us are really in contact with the wellbeing of our own bodies. When we do make an effort to do something about our inner self it tends to be a little fragmented with information spread over different devices or mobile apps. TrackIgnite allows users to gather all your self-tracking data into a beautiful dashboard and automatically transforms it into detailed graphs and charts.     Trackignite empowers you to take responsibility for your health through quantified data. This organize tool for your health and wellbeing is a site that allows users to sync all their ...  More

TrackIgnite Oct 26th 2011

Dead Simple Task Management

I like this, it’s simple and so obvious but that’s the great thing! You read so many descriptions about task management apps with the phrase "made simple" attached to them but by the time you get to the twentieth screenshot you start having serious doubts.   More

You don’t get that with Agile task and if you’re anything like me that’s a good thing as I need no encouragement to get distracted. I’m a busy fool and if I’m getting bored with something I’ll just move on to something else for a while until I realise that what I was getting bored with was actually quite urgent. Of course by the end of the week I find I have 10 jobs 50% completed whereas I could have put at least 5 to bed with a little more focus.  More

AgileTask Aug 2nd 2011

Mobile Veterinary Software for the Busy Vet

As practice management systems go this one seems to have all the functions any veterinary establishment would need to run an efficient business. Regardless of practice size or any particular specialism VetBlue will help keep things tight either in the surgery itself or from the middle of a muddy field. Appointment scheduling is easy with a system allowing individual vet’s calendars to be integrated practice-wide letting everyone know who’s doing what and when. Similarly medical records can be updated and shared complete with important attachments like x-rays or prior reports ...  More

VetBlue Veterinary Software Jul 26th 2011

Easy online attendance tracking for organizations.

Best Attendance is a business organize tool that gives you so much more control over the time consuming and error prone job of tracking your attendees at meetings and activities. Rather than having to manually count every single person who attends Best Attendance makes it easy for you to manage your schedules and rosters as well as the participation of your staff.    Best Attendance gives you all the ammunition you need to manage event schedules, membership rosters, attendance and more online. Attendance can be taken in four different ways. By scanning barcodes from membership ...  More

Best Attendance Oct 15th 2011

Know your team

Mijura is a Sydney based company that has a bit of Big Brother about it...but in a thoroughly productive way. This project management organize tool let's you oversee what all your fellow workers are working on, track your time and progress, generate reports and gantt charts. PriorityCenter manages all your meetings and tasks, keeps you focused on top priorities and ensures your team stays constantly informed.     Mijura is a web based task and meeting management application for your business. It allows you to see  what all your collaborators are working on and helps ...  More

Mijura Oct 15th 2011

Easy to Use Free Online Organizer

There are times when you come across an app and wonder if it’s just been developed for the sake of it. Of course when I say that what I mean is that you look through the features and any video screenshots available to see if it could change or enhance your life in any way. In the case of organizational apps the important thing is whether all the functions that you might have dotted separately around in your own system are actually brought together in a meaningful way that could make life easier.  More

DayViewer Jul 15th 2011

Athletics Done The Right way!

Are you always being hassled by the athletic team you handle to keep detailed records of their athletic activities. Obviously they don't realize that record keeping is almost a full time job and you are just doing it as a favor to the team. Well now athletic record keeping has been made a whole lot easier with the introduction of Winito Athletics. This sports organize tool will store and track all your team's records, stats and schedules for every season.   Winito Athletics powers athletic programs through a central website that will become a hub of athletic activities. In addition to ...  More

Winito Athletics Oct 19th 2011

Plan your meals for your busy life

Okay, you know you have been saying it for some time now but it really is time to get a little bit more organized in the kitchen. It would save a lot of time and money if you had everything laid out for the week's meals. BusyMeal is an intelligent food organize tool that gives you access to great recipes for the day and the week as well as presenting you with a shopping list for everything you need.   Feeling the pinch at the grocery store as food prices soar? It’s no wonder. Planning meals and feeding our families over 1000 times a year is one of the most expensive and ...  More

BusyMeal Oct 18th 2011

The Clipboard in the Cloud

Sometimes you just have to have a piece of paper to write something important down. You don't always have one though, do you? You end up writing it on the side of the newspaper (if you still buy one of those rags) and then tend to lose it anyway. This is always assuming that you have a pen on you too. Pen Paste is an organize writing tool the allows you to save a note up into the clouds while having access to it wherever there is an Internet connection.     Pen Paste is the fastest way to quickly save text into the cloud so it is accessible anywhere. Pen Paste is a ...  More

Pen Paste Oct 11th 2011

Trip Planning You’ll Love

The world is our oyster when it comes to travel these days. We can pretty well choose anywhere we want to go in the world and go there assuming we have the the time and money. Well, unless we are in striking distance of Somalian pirates, of course. The time thing is an issue too. Given that we may have limited time to have our annual excursions it would seem a good idea to plan the perfect trip. Tripomatic's is an excellent travel and organize tool that will set you off in the right direction.   Tripomatic  is a travel tool that brings to the market an entirely new approach to ...  More

Tripomatic Oct 18th 2011

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