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Cannot remember all your sensitive information such as passwords, logins or personal ...  More

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Free, secure, and simple to setup, oneID is the safest place to store your information ...  More

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VIPole Secure Messages & Calls

As is often the case in most situations when technology services to offer secure messaging ...  More

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My Credentials

This application stores your passwords and important dates. You don't have to remember ...  More

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Pics Locker

Pics Locker comes up as a secure safe to store your sensitive photos that you don’t ...  More

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Contact Locker

Don't want other guys view your contacts? Lock them! Protect and store your private contacts, ...  More

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Ever looking for a password tool that can help you manage your all kinds of sensitive ...  More

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aMemoryJog Password Manager and Secure Digital Vault

Ever forget passwords for websites or WiFi, account numbers, frequent flyer or loyalty card ...  More

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Bitium is a provider of cloud-based identity and access management solutions, including ...  More

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The Riddler: Password Manager

"The Riddler: Password Manager" is an app that allows its users to store their passwords safely. ...  More

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