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Open your ecommerce shop with all the trimmings in minutes

Getsocio is like a big warm blanket you can relax into when you are developing your ecommerce site. By that I mean they cover all the important bases and deal with all aspects professionally when it comes to online sales. Getsocio does all the behind-the-scenes stuff while your customers think you have a dedicated team working as your sales force day in and day out. Within a couple of minutes you can have an up and running and great looking online shop with all the trimmings including online payments and achieve itin a cost effective way.   Getsocio is a social commerce platform that ...  More

Getsocio Jun 2nd 2012

Accounts receivable without having to send the boys around

What do you do when a customer hasn't paid the invoice and it's 90 days past due? Get on the phone? Send another letter? Send the boys in? ZenCash is a payment accounting application designed for small businesses that covers all your accounting processes from the original invoice right through to the rather painful 90 day last resort call in order to get the invoice paid.   The idea for ZenCash originated when founder and CEO Brandon Cotter, a six-time serial entrepreneur, once found himself unable to make payroll at his small business due to unpaid invoices. He spent hours calling ...  More

ZenCash May 15th 2012

A complete payment process for smartphones

There's little to match a poor payment platform to ruin the reputation of your prized mobile application. Nothing is more frustrating then to go through the whole buying process only to find that there is a problem at checkout time. ZooZ is a totally complete, safe and secure answer to the problem of being able to accept payments for goods or services in a mobile application. It's a payment application for android, iPhone and smartphones in general that provides an entire payment process that is easy to use and where security is a high priority.   ZooZ' payment platform is a complete ...  More

ZooZ Mar 10th 2012

Social point of sale that runs on any device

Here is a rock solid solution to your point of sale conundrum that works on all the devices that may be available to you whether it be PC, Mac, Tablet or Smartphone. ZingCheckout is a well thought out business solution and payment application that provides a powerful tool to run your online sales checkout. Wherever you are you can take payments, manage and add to your inventory, run reports and plenty more.   ZingCheckout is an intuitive, fast and powerful point of sale application that runs in any modern browser. It's smooth interface makes it easy for anyone to use and makes it ...  More

ZingCheckout Jan 29th 2012

Save time, save money with quick and easy online expenses

This is an expenses app that already has some very heavyweight users and so must be doing something right.  More

With the recent tightening up on entertainment expense legislation it has become even more vital that your company expenses policy is adhered to. Getting everyone singing from the same hymn sheet is therefore a great place to start.  More

Expense On Demand Oct 21st 2011

Build Trust Through Transparency

It’s always good to see a fundraising site with a slightly different take on things and is one of them.   More

As a donation tool for social causes it allows fundraisers to give more specific details about just what the money is needed for rather than just setting a total goal amount. By doing this it gives donors a direct say (or vote as the site calls it) on what element or elements they want their cash to be spent on.   More

Giveloop Aug 13th 2010

Make good things happen

Ulele is one of a number of crowdfunding sites aimed at social and creative projects. Indeed if your idea doesn’t have an outcome that is artistic, community-minded, or for the betterment of society it won’t get past the vetting process.   More

There are similarities with the way other sites operate of course but that’s no bad thing. There are also a couple differences.  More

Ulule Jul 16th 2010

Mobile Payments Provider

If you’re selling digital content on your website then giving customers every possible payment option has to be the way forward. adds the choice of paying via a mobile phone which in this day and age is many people’s preferred tool for doing practically everything.  More

There are several solution packages available but the Access Code feature is probably the one of interest to the majority. This preconfigured way of accepting SMS payments takes just minutes to implement with no additional coding issues to worry about. The service currently covers 60 mobile carriers in 32 countries.  More

AOneBill Mar 27th 2010

Unleash the power of giving

If like me you struggled to fully understand this sites description of itself at first glance then don’t beat yourself up too much. Developed by a couple of economics professors, it’s a fundraising application for non-profit organizations using some clever "behavioural algorithms" to milk as much as possible from the existing social networks of supporters.  More

give2gether Oct 6th 2010

Raise Money Online for Your Fundraising Ideas

It never ceases to amaze me how the advent of the internet seems to have brought with it a complete change in many peoples attitude towards asking for cash.  In the days of pen and paper I wonder just how many men would have written to friends, and friends of friends, asking them to chip in and pay for a wedding as a surprise for a deserving partner?  More

GoFundMe May 12th 2010

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