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Mobile payment system

Paying by mobile phone is quite a popular application these days to say the least but this one has a different take on it and can be used with iPhone, Android, Blackberry or any phone with a web browser. iPad and iPod Touch can also run the app.  More

To use the system you’ll have to be purchasing something in a participating store but the number of these is ever growing. There is also no direct link to a bank account and so funds have to be deposited in to a FaceCash account in order to use it.  More

FaceCash Aug 4th 2010

Simple, Efficient Bill Management and Payment for Businesses

Have you ever stopped and thought how much better an old classic Wurlitzer Jukebox would look in your office than that grey bank of filing cabinets? They may be a source of entertainment for bean counters but let’s face it they’re uninteresting and they usually contain uninteresting stuff.   More’s approach recognizes that although this stuff may be uninteresting it is vital to your business. Being vital however doesn’t mean it has to take up half the floor space.  More Jun 17th 2010

Fundraising Made Simple

There are an awful lot of crowdfunding apps around and most allow you to raise funds for a wide range of causes. clearly focuses on helping people suffering from serious illness and encourages friends and family to set up a page and spread the word through social networks.  More

The site is keen to point out that even those with medical insurance are likely to suffer financially when an illness is prolonged and so nobody is excluded from benefiting.  More

GiveForward May 21st 2010

Online Payment

My first reaction when I looked at this site was what a great service it provides both for online buyers with no access to credit and debit cards and the online sellers hungry for their cash.  More

This is an app that does require some walking however as once you’ve set up your account you’ll have to find a retailer that sells CashU prepaid cards. The site can help there with a list of participating outlets.   More

cashU Feb 27th 2010

Sprinkle change on the content you love

The message seems to be a very clear one on this site. Advertising revenue alone cannot continue to keep free sites free for much longer.  More

That may be a fact however this potential solution for filling the gap seems to require the lining up of rather a lot of ducks before producing micropayments for lucky site owners.   More

Kachingle Jul 17th 2009

Invoicing, billing & web hosting automation.

For the fluent Geordie speakers out there (north east England) you’ll know what I mean when I say the name of this app is about right, it certainly looks ˈcannyˈ enough. For those living south of Hadrians Wall a rough translation of the word would be ˈgoodˈ and defined as ˈhaving pleasant attributesˈ.   More

CannyBill Feb 9th 2009

Airtime is money

This app is clearly aimed at the mobile network operators of the world and is billed as a ˈ"must have value added service for those targeting the ethnic market".  More

It’s a very simple concept but a neat and useful one. Anyone finding themselves living and working say in the UK but with loved one’s back home can quickly and easily send a mobile credit to top up the wife or kids pre-paid cellphone.   More

Transfer To Oct 21st 2009

Pay by Mobile

Boku comes across as the mobile payment system for gaming addicts but it offers serious benefits to merchants and carriers as well.   More

For customers the advantages are pretty clear. If you’re in the middle of an online game and need to pay for some virtual or digital goods then the last thing you need is to have to stop everything and enter credit card details into a payment screen.   More

BOKU Jun 16th 2009

Social networking meets social payments

I imagine the invite list for the launch of this app is fairly long given the quality of the presentation and the apparent ease of use of each feature. Its uniqueness will also not go unnoticed. Using social networking at its base ShareNPay will allow users to activate many functions on their mobile phones without the need to constantly open and close others.  More

ShareNPay Oct 8th 2011

Move People

For any non-profit organization keeping as much of the cash that comes in from donations for use on the actual cause is paramount. By far the largest expense suffered in any campaign comes from high administration charges.   More

With  staff tied up battling with a creaky IT system their focus is taken away from what they should be doing, championing the cause, and shifted to reconciling unidentified donations.   More

Convio Sep 15th 2010

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