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Razoo is one of a number of sites helping fundraisers get their message across to a wider public and then accommodate the donor payment process. Individuals and non-profits can benefit from the features as can large corporations and foundations.   More

For individuals Razoo provides a platform for both giving and fundraising. With a database full of current projects in need of cash site visitors can search through and find a cause dear to their hearts and donate on line. Conversely if an individual wants to set up a fundraising page then it only takes a few minutes.   More

Razoo Sep 15th 2010

Pay and Sell

This Scandinavian business is set to grow significantly with some serious financial backing and is looking to spread its new method of paying for goods online worldwide.  More

Historically shopping online has meant parting with the cash before receiving your goods and there are many reasons for this. For a start the whole process is geared to the speed of transaction meaning ecommerce businesses haven’t got the time, resources or inclination to investigate customer’s and sell on credit terms. If your credit card is declined you don’t get the goods.   More

Klarna May 6th 2010

Monthly giving made easy

I like the look of this charity donation site both from a personal budgeting angle and as a way of retaining some privacy from the hordes of causes desperate for my cash.  More

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not the sort of guy that runs at the sight of a tin rattler but, just like with everything else, there is only so much of the monthly income that can be given away.    More Oct 26th 2009

Fund Ideas end Endeavors

Here’s a crowdfunding site that pulls no punches when it comes to what is and isn’t an acceptable project. Having said that, the parameters are fairly wide as long as a commitment to creative and artistic values is upheld and there are some clear guidelines.  More

Unless your project falls within the categories of art, comics, dance, design, fashion, film, food, games, music, photography, publishing, technology or theater it won’t be considered. Neither will any charitable cause nor fundraising efforts of a personal enhancement nature.   More

Kickstarter May 1st 2009

Pay down debt faster by paying smarter

There’s a fundamental difference between being in debt and being seriously in debt. Anyone with a mortgage or a credit card will be in debt at some time in their lives and it’s the ability to manage these debts that keep you away from the serious side of the issue.  More is not a last chance sanctuary for when the bailiffs are about to knock on the door but it does provide some good tools to ensure that they never do.   More

DebtGoal Nov 12th 2010

Social Fundraising for Nonprofits

I was drawn to this charity and non-profit fundraising site because apart from the very important aspect of providing a platform for the collection of cash it has other strings to its bow.   More

It recognizes, as others do of course, that your cause will already have fans contributing to its success and those fans will have countless friends. So as well as giving you the tools to customize and brand your own fundraising campaigns it spreads the net to your existing supporters allowing them to set up fundraising pages of their own and scatter the effort using email, Facebook and Twitter.   More

StayClassy Sep 15th 2010

Take Your Giving Anywhere

If you’re a charitable organization or a non-profit you need to spread your message loud and you definitely have to spread it wide when it comes to fundraising.  More

The days of snail mail-shots and tin rattling are disappearing and the electronic age can present a great way for great causes to get maximum exposure and reach deeper into pockets. Having said that donating online can still be a bit hit and miss.  More

NADANU Jun 17th 2010

Exchange money with the people you trust

I can’t work out if this is a gimmicky thing, with the novelty probably wearing off pretty quickly, or just an inevitable addition upholding the mantra "you can do everything on your phone these days".   More

It’s annoying enough sitting at a restaurant table watching your friends constantly texting, and let’s face it we’ve probably all been guilty of that from time to time. With this app though, the phones will be straight back on the table as soon as the bill arrives.   More

Venmo Mar 25th 2010

Online Fundraising for Anyone

FirstGiving, along with its sister company JustGiving in the UK, are probably amongst the most reputable online fundraising sites for charities and non-profit organisations with $1 billion raised in the US already.  More

Available to individuals and non-profits themselves the platform allows supporters of a cause to donate online to a specific web page and see exactly how the fundraising is going.   More

Firstgiving Jun 6th 2008

Get more time to pay bills

If you’re one of the 61% of Americans who live paycheck to paycheck then you might want to look over, a business that provides small dollar loans to extend due bills for a month.   More

In these tough financial times with high credit interest and late payment fees providing billions of dollars of income to lenders, boasts that consumers can pay 15 times less interest a month by using their service. As an alternative to the many payday loan companies out there, has a simple application process, boasts fast approval, and has a straightforward and clear charging model.  More

BillFloat Jul 15th 2010

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