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A simple expenses management tool that you will actually use

We have reviewed many expense and money tracking apps in the last few weeks -  Budget With Back In Black, My Weekly Budget and In-Ex Finance to name just three - it must be a sign of the times. The fact is, with over 80% of Americans stressed about their personal finances, it's probably time that you took matters into your own hands and organized your finances a little better. Spentable is a very fast and efficient expense tracker that you will more than likely use. It's a simple and user-friendly iPhone and Android app that will help you budget your money just a little bit better. ...  More

Spentable Mar 4th 2012

Better management of your invoicing & accounts

Invoicebus is one of those potentially free business and accounting applications where you think to yourself - what's the catch? It is so chock full of tools to take care of your complete financial needs you probably won't have to look elsewhere. Invoicebus manages your online finance simply and professionally and features everything from creating invoices and quotations, taxation, all your accounts in all foreign currencies and pretty well everything in between. What's more, if you are a small business, you may well not have to pay anything at all.   There is little worse in business ...  More

Invoicebus Feb 17th 2012

Simple but effective personal finance organizer

My Weekly Budget (MyWB) does exactly what the name helps you keep track of your weekly budget. It won't help with a monthly budget or a fortnightly one...just weekly. I launched the app expecting a complex set up process with salary to be entered etc...but it wasn't to simply put in an amount of money that you wish to set as your budget and then add in expenses. The expenses can be chosen from a fairly comprehensive list, or you can create your own. As the list of expenses is quite long (and gets longer if you add your own) there is a favourite category where ...  More

My Weekly Budget (MyWB) Feb 8th 2012

Get your finances in order on your iPhone

Wow! This is a mightily good finance app for your iPhone that, if you are trying to keep track of your finances, will be used every day. If you love the AC/DC song of the same name you are going to feel the same way about this comprehensive money tracker. Obviously, people around the world feel the same way because BackInBlack has been a huge download hit in Canada, the US and the UK and is now available in Australia. This simple to use, very logical and good looking app makes organizing your finances so much easier.   Back in Black provides a simple solution to managing, maintaining ...  More

Budget with Back in Black Jan 26th 2012

How do you get a bank to smile? Simple...

This one looks like someone has finally convinced the banking fraternity that their best bet for future success is to completely disappear into the background and leave the sticky matter of customer service to people who actually give a damn! Let’s face it the reputations of most banks are currently shot to bits. It’s not just that they’ve made our lives a financial misery through years of imprudent lending but generally they’ve gone about it whilst being rude and unhelpful at the same time.  More

Simple Jan 16th 2012

Comprehensive solution for commercial lending

Here’s an interesting one if lending money on a commercial basis is your thing. Having said that, it would seem nobody is lending money on a commercial basis if you believe the doom and gloom spread across most of the pink pages these days. That aside, this one looks like a good aide to getting both the processes and paperwork right for the smooth initiation, on-going operation and ultimate repayment of a commercial loan. Anyone who has worked in the industry, and in particular the smaller and perhaps not so blue-chip end of the market will know; documentation can ...  More

MDC Jan 10th 2012

Detailed data and analysis for holiday professionals

If you are in the travel business you have a lot of responsibility in handling people's holiday needs. For a start you are dealing with many of your customers' one holiday of the year and I can guarantee if you mess it up they will never use your services again. And you know what they say...for every person that complains there are six others that don't complain to you - they just tell their friends. It's also important for you to be able to access the best and most reliable information and deals from your holiday suppliers. Dataswell is a finance and travel app for travel professionals ...  More

DataSwell Dec 16th 2011

Social Networking for Traders

If any of you out there have any real idea what the financial market is going to do tomorrow can you please leave a message for me at the front desk. It is without doubt, one of the more challenging ways of attempting to make a living these days and many indulge on a daily basis. So how can you maximize your chances of success. Well, here's a pretty good analogy for you. You know when that bloke down the pub gives you the name of an obscure horse to win a big race because it is training well and looks good? Then it wins or places well. Well, that comes under tips and information. ...  More

TradingView Dec 11th 2011

Another personal finance tracker - but does it cut the mustard?

As one of many personal finance trackers I have to say I’ve seen tidier looking examples than this one that apparently uses "cutting edge technologies to create the greatest user experience." I’ve no doubt it will do a job for you and it’s free so playing around with its functions is probably a good idea and you can do that without actually creating an account. I’d certainly recommend this course of action because the screenshots and advice given when you click on "help getting started" are not the clearest instructions you will ever read.  More

Finance41 Dec 1st 2011

Just Right - Invoicing and Time Tracking

As time trackers and invoice generators go this one looks like it has all the basics covered with an uncluttered appearance which is always a bonus. Another bonus is it’s still free so you can test it out without losing anything.  More

The system allows for an unlimited number of clients, projects, invoices and team members so the size of your business is not an issue. You can also manage access rights and get everyone working on the project that you want them to.  More

cronsync Feb 9th 2011

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