Personal apps

Mole (BETA)

Mole lets you take over your friends' wallpapers right from under their noses! All you need ...  More

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A simple daily workout for the time-strapped individual. Lots of gadgets, tech, and tracking ...  More

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Easy Streak

Easy Streak provides a platform to play various types of sports contests for free! Contests have ...  More

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Ever felt threatened or found yourself in a vulnerable situation? Would taking a quick photo ...  More

alerts personal security


My mother is a strong believer of healthy body, healthy mind; and has always taught us to focus ...  More

calendar career feedback

Laundry notes

We usually write our laundry issues on papers or even walls and may forget about the issues ...  More

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Quick One Touch Call

This application is designed specially for those people , who want the easy and quick way of ...  More

tools android personal


KeepLocal helps you organize and manage your personal data like passwords and grocery lists, ...  More

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