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Welcome to the world of microvolunteering

I love the idea behind this one and it’s a great way for non-profits to get some expert advice or avail themselves of a much needed service without spending a penny. Welcome to the world of microvolunteering, an alternative to donating cash to worthy causes, charitable organizations or scientific programmes. The theory behind this site, and it’s a very good one too, is that a great alternative to actually giving these organizations money is to help them save it. Expert advice and professional services aren’t cheap and so the provision of them, even for a few minutes, ...  More

Sparked Dec 2nd 2011

Pocket-Changing the World

If you’re one of those people who always has good intentions when it comes to charitable giving but are perhaps rather forgetful then as long as you use Twitter or Facebook you could overcome that problem.  More

HelpAttack provides a service that lets you spread your giving by drip-feeding small pledge amounts over a period with every tweet or Facebook update you make. As the demo video alludes to, if you’re looking for a warm feeling every time you’re active on either of those social networks then sign up for an account!  More

HelpAttack! Sep 14th 2010

Instant Websites for Nonprofits. No Learning Required

If you are going to set up a nonprofit and donation enabled website there's absolutely no reason for it to look shabby. Organizing staff need help but don’t always have the knowledge or big budget to seek it out. Truth is, most people who start nonprofit organizations are really passionate about their mission though not so much when it comes to technology, web design or fundraising. That’s where Bellstrike comes in. They are passionate about all of that and want to help small nonprofit organizations free their time and energy to fulfill their missions. With domain design tools ...  More

Bellstrike Oct 20th 2011

Build Trust Through Transparency

It’s always good to see a fundraising site with a slightly different take on things and is one of them.   More

As a donation tool for social causes it allows fundraisers to give more specific details about just what the money is needed for rather than just setting a total goal amount. By doing this it gives donors a direct say (or vote as the site calls it) on what element or elements they want their cash to be spent on.   More

Giveloop Aug 13th 2010

Make good things happen

Ulele is one of a number of crowdfunding sites aimed at social and creative projects. Indeed if your idea doesn’t have an outcome that is artistic, community-minded, or for the betterment of society it won’t get past the vetting process.   More

There are similarities with the way other sites operate of course but that’s no bad thing. There are also a couple differences.  More

Ulule Jul 16th 2010

Unleash the power of giving

If like me you struggled to fully understand this sites description of itself at first glance then don’t beat yourself up too much. Developed by a couple of economics professors, it’s a fundraising application for non-profit organizations using some clever "behavioural algorithms" to milk as much as possible from the existing social networks of supporters.  More

give2gether Oct 6th 2010

Raise Money Online for Your Fundraising Ideas

It never ceases to amaze me how the advent of the internet seems to have brought with it a complete change in many peoples attitude towards asking for cash.  In the days of pen and paper I wonder just how many men would have written to friends, and friends of friends, asking them to chip in and pay for a wedding as a surprise for a deserving partner?  More

GoFundMe May 12th 2010

Online Fundraising Made Easy

YouCaring is one of the latest fundraising apps to appear and looking at it there is little to differentiate it from lot of the others although the site is keen to point out it is totally free apart from PayPal charges.  More

Anyone can set up a fundraising page, as long as it’s for a worthy cause and not illegal, and these can be for charitable projects or personal causes and goals like education and even adoption. Photographs and video clips can be uploaded to the page to enhance the presentation and target amounts flagged.   More Oct 15th 2011

Students in school, one loan at a tim

The developing world misses out on a lot of what the rest of us take for granted and high on the list of these imbalances must surely be higher education. Vittana is trying to put this right and although currently only a small drop in a large ocean looks to be setting an admirable example with its student loan model.  More

Vittana Sep 2nd 2009

Fundraising Made Simple

There are an awful lot of crowdfunding apps around and most allow you to raise funds for a wide range of causes. clearly focuses on helping people suffering from serious illness and encourages friends and family to set up a page and spread the word through social networks.  More

The site is keen to point out that even those with medical insurance are likely to suffer financially when an illness is prolonged and so nobody is excluded from benefiting.  More

GiveForward May 21st 2010

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