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Move People

For any non-profit organization keeping as much of the cash that comes in from donations for use on the actual cause is paramount. By far the largest expense suffered in any campaign comes from high administration charges.   More

With  staff tied up battling with a creaky IT system their focus is taken away from what they should be doing, championing the cause, and shifted to reconciling unidentified donations.   More

Convio Sep 15th 2010

Online Giving Through

Razoo is one of a number of sites helping fundraisers get their message across to a wider public and then accommodate the donor payment process. Individuals and non-profits can benefit from the features as can large corporations and foundations.   More

For individuals Razoo provides a platform for both giving and fundraising. With a database full of current projects in need of cash site visitors can search through and find a cause dear to their hearts and donate on line. Conversely if an individual wants to set up a fundraising page then it only takes a few minutes.   More

Razoo Sep 15th 2010

Monthly giving made easy

I like the look of this charity donation site both from a personal budgeting angle and as a way of retaining some privacy from the hordes of causes desperate for my cash.  More

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not the sort of guy that runs at the sight of a tin rattler but, just like with everything else, there is only so much of the monthly income that can be given away.    More Oct 26th 2009

Inspiring Academic Achievement

As an alternative to traditional student funding through loans, Gradefund offers friends and family, the wider community and even corporate entities the opportunity to sponsor educational success.   More

Students can raise money for themselves or for their school and sponsors can chose to donate to a student or on a wider basis and support an educational cause close to their hearts.  More

GradeFund Dec 4th 2008

The easy way to collect money!

This looks like probably one of the simplest fundraising sites around and can be used to collect money for all sorts of purposes, charitable or personal. By setting up your cause you can then broadcast it and get your friends and family “chip in” and help it towards its goal.  More

It’s free to set up a ChipIn account and you only need to enter a few details like how much you need, why you need it and when you need it by. Oh and you’ll need to enter your PayPal details too as all contributions are made directly to you and not held by the site in any way.   More

ChipIn Jul 6th 2007

Bringing together creative thinkers, causes and people with a passion to help.

Sometimes it would be nice to have someone to look over your shoulder and give you a hand when you need it. Whether you are creating your dream project, committing to a social cause or just helping out a friend it would be good to have someone to help, offer encouragement and make sure everything runs smoothly. HelpersUnite brings together creative thinkers with a social conscience who have a willingness for positive change. They want to be your support network.   HelpersUnite is a finance and philanthropy tool who's aim is to change the world one project at a time. In a world first, ...  More

HelpersUnite Sep 28th 2011

Sell us your used or broken phone for CASH!

If like me you have a drawer of old and unused mobile phones gathering dust you might just as well see if they’re worth anything. At the same time you’ll be adding greatly to the recycling habit so encouraged in these environmentally aware times.  More

The online process is simple with Simply log on and enter the details of your phone, as much as possible for evaluation purposes and to obtain a quote. You’ll then receive a prepaid FedEX shipping label enabling you to send the phone in free of charge. Alternatively you can drop it in to a drop-off center and a list of locations for these can be found on the site.  More

Cash4Berry Jan 4th 2011

Social Fundraising for Nonprofits

I was drawn to this charity and non-profit fundraising site because apart from the very important aspect of providing a platform for the collection of cash it has other strings to its bow.   More

It recognizes, as others do of course, that your cause will already have fans contributing to its success and those fans will have countless friends. So as well as giving you the tools to customize and brand your own fundraising campaigns it spreads the net to your existing supporters allowing them to set up fundraising pages of their own and scatter the effort using email, Facebook and Twitter.   More

StayClassy Sep 15th 2010

Take Your Giving Anywhere

If you’re a charitable organization or a non-profit you need to spread your message loud and you definitely have to spread it wide when it comes to fundraising.  More

The days of snail mail-shots and tin rattling are disappearing and the electronic age can present a great way for great causes to get maximum exposure and reach deeper into pockets. Having said that donating online can still be a bit hit and miss.  More

NADANU Jun 17th 2010

Smart Donor managment

If you run a church, charity or non-profit organization and receive donations from a variety of sources then this is the site for you.   More provides exactly what the title says. The scope of functions available covers every aspect of donor management and provides fundraising tools that allow you to cast your net wider and increase that all- important level of income.   More

Donor Tools Jun 28th 2010

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