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Cool photo share themes

Despite there being a glut of social media sites that let you share your photographs on the Internet there always seems to be a place for the  Instagram  technology - especially amongst iOS users.  It's still one of the simplest ways to quickly snap off a photo and share it with your friends. Photopile is a photo sharing app not unlike Copygram or Extragram that takes your feed from Instagram and let's  you share and display any of your photos there in a Polaroidish and highly attractive kind of way. It displays them almost like a deck of cards splayed out on your ...  More

Photopile.me Jan 11th 2012

Customize your Facebook Timeline page

As those of you with accounts will know, Facebook is changing the way you are viewed with the introduction of it's new Timeline. If you haven't got it yet then just search inside for the Introducing Timeline link and all will be revealed. But you know what its like when you move into a new place...you want to make it more...YOU! Facebook Timeline Cover Maker is a free application not unlike Cool Mojito that customizes your page to the way that YOU want it with cool graphics and design.  More

Facebook Timeline Cover Maker Jan 9th 2012

Create themed photo streams

What a brilliant name for a photographic adventure application this is. PopSafari conjures up images of intrepid traveling and discovering new places and,  when you mix it with a photographic challenge, you know that it's going to be a lot of fun. Lets face it, most of us regard ourselves as photographic geniuses when it comes to digital photography. And it's true...very few digital pictures look average. It's usually only the subject matter that let's them down. PopSafari challenges the amateur as well as the more experienced photographer to create a stream or safari and invite other ...  More

PopSafari Jan 9th 2012

A flipbook to share your memories

If you've had a look at apps like the award winning FlipBoard you'll know how glorious they make all your thoughts look. Suddenly all your thoughts, updates, pictures and links look as if they have been handed over to a design company and they produce a glossy magazine based on your content. TwitChapterz is an interesting way to create and share your defining life moments in flipbook format with friends and family via your Twitter account.   TwitChapterz is an interesting way for you to create and share life chapterz and defining moments from your tweets. It lets you create a ...  More

TwitChapterz Dec 14th 2011

Fast and simply image hosting

Quite simply, if you are looking for an image hosting tool for your blog or website it would be hard to go past this one. ImgBox's main claims-to-fame are undoubtedly it's rapid fast uploading and downloading speeds and it's unlimited storage space but it also features a range of tools to make your blog or website perform as beautifully as a Mustang on the open highway. Yep...it's quick!   ImgBox is a new image hosting tool perfect for hosting images for your website, blog, forum or even your eBay auction. With unlimited storage space and unlimited storage time your images are stored ...  More

Imgbox Dec 13th 2011

This isn’t a bog-standard online diary

Here’s a great idea, how do you fancy having your own website completely dedicated to your life and how you’re living it? Mabame will give you just that and you needn’t worry, it won’t come up in internet searches for all the world to see. You can of course share it with the friends of your choice but even then you’ll be in charge of what they can and can’t see.  More

Mabame Dec 2nd 2011

Another social network but with new business opportunities

Clingle is what's known as a geo-social mobile check-in tool and adds a bit of very cool spice to your text messages. With Clingle you can send a private message so that the recipient gets their note in the form of text, photo or video either immediately or when they check-in at a restaurant, hotel or event.  More

Clingle Nov 28th 2011

Upload funny videos, pics and games.

This is a site that promises much in the way of earning cash but it’s probably a good idea to consider how you make it before you start staging funny situations and capturing them on your video. And unless you reside in the US, Canada, Australia, UK and other EU countries you’ll not be able to take part anyway but I can’t imagine too many people crying over that to be honest.   More

Jokeroo.com Jan 20th 2011

Look at all your achievements!

If you’re thinking about throwing yourself from a high bridge with your ankles tied to a bungee rope then make sure you get it caught on camera. The same applies if you’re skydiving for charity or doing anything that constitutes an achievement in your life.   More

In fact an achievement doesn’t have to involve a white knuckle activity at all and this website is open for anyone to share an achievement with other users and along the way perhaps provide some inspiration and motivation.  More

Groovor Jul 13th 2011

One topic. Tons of pictures. Everyday.

With most photo sharing sites there isn't really a great concept to them. Dont get me wrong, there are some truly glorious photos amongst them but there's not much to set them apart from other similar sites is there? JustSnapThis is a photo sharing site with a concept. Each day a new picture topic is posted and you are invited to upload your own digital masterpieces that relate to that day's subject.     JustSnapThis is a free social networking photo share tool that's different to most. Every day a new picture topic is posted and users can upload pictures relating to that ...  More

JustSnapThis Oct 23rd 2011

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