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The new Instagram

I'm sure everyone who reads FeedMyApp's reviews will be fully aware of this photo application. Not least for its recent purchase by a certain Mr Zuckerberg's Facebook team for the miserly sum of around US$715 million. It's not really surprising that they bought it given the problems that often occur with Facebook's own photo and video uploading service. Suffice to say, Instagram is a photoshare and edit app that has turned into a legend in its own lifetime. This new version, ready to download now, addresses some of the issues of previous versions as well as adding a slew of extra and ...  More

Instagram 3.4.0 Dec 31st 2012

A photo app with the most beautiful locations

I feel quite sorry for the older generation when it comes to photos. Back in the old days if you wanted to share your holiday photos you'd generally have to wait until you got home before carting rolls of undeveloped film to the photo express bar. Then it was a question of forking over large amounts of money and waiting several days to get your developed photos or slides back and you could plan your slide show or photo night. These days you can simply snap a shot with your iPhone and share it with your friends in seconds. Pashadelic is a new photosharing application designed to make it ...  More

Pashadelic Dec 18th 2012

Discover the best bits from video clips and make them social

One of the more interesting aspects to reviewing and testing the massive amount of apps that come through the FeedMyApp doors these days is to spot the ones that could be the next Instagram or the next Pinterest. Most don't have a hope in hell of reaching that pinnacle but occasionally you come across an app with unique features and a social element that you know has a chance of reaching the top of the mountain. ClipClock is one of those apps. This video and photo sharing app for mobile not only let's you see and share the best videos across your social networks but it also gets straight ...  More

ClipClock Dec 14th 2012

Create a jQuery Slider and put Youtube and Instagram on your site

So...hands up all of you who know what a jQuery Slider is.  Yes, I thought so - not many of you unless you are a web designer. Well, I'll tell you then, shall I? Funnily enough, it is one of the most used elements of web design these days and is a great help to designers who want to display lots of content in a small space. The jQuery Slider Shock is capable of presenting both images and videos that are hosted locally or from external sources like RSS, YouTube, Hulu, Vimeo, Flickr, Twitter and Instagram and presents them in a groovy little package on your page. Now, of course, you ...  More

JQuery Slider Shock Nov 12th 2012

Bring out the inner zombie in your friends

I don't know why people freak out so much about zombies. I mean, they move so slowly that it would be quite easy to just sidestep them and then whack them through the head as they squeal for "brains...more brains" wouldn't it? The success of TV shows like "The Walking Dead" has put zombies firmly in the spotlight again though many of us grew up on movies like George Romero's "Night Of The Living Dead" so we know what it takes to defeat those flesh-eating monsters. So, what do you think you or your friends would look like if they were bitten by one and evolved into a zombie brain eater? ...  More

Zombie Detector(Smart Camera) Nov 3rd 2012

Bring out the fashionista in your photos

I have a photographer friend who undertook a project a few years ago to take a picture every day that said something about his life and would post it every day on Facebook. Luckily, he was a pretty good photographer and he posted some some great photos that said as much about his work in the fashion industry as it did about his photographic stylings. Threadshare takes that concept one step further with this free dedicated photoshare app for iPhone that is all about fashion but takes it social. Get dressed up, snap a photo, warp it to your own style and tag the picture with brand and price ...  More

ThreadShare Oct 30th 2012

Censor your photos before you send them and dont get Weinerized

There's a certain disgraced ex politician named Anthony Weiner who would probably still have his job if he had an application like Private ME on his iPhone. You might remember that Mr Weiner shared some rather racy photos with about 40,000 of his supporters last year. Now, if he had this photo self censoring application on his mobile he could have sent his pictures with his face obscured which might have protected both  his dignity and his privacy. Now, that wasn't the only mistake Mr Weiner made that night and Private ME would have helped him there, too, because this app also ...  More

Private ME Oct 25th 2012

Impress your social media friends with photo collages

Judging by my Facebook feeds of late, it would appear that the latest fad in photo presentation has changed from Instagram to multi-Instagram with frames. I'm sure most regular Facebook users would agree that their friends' are serving up 2, 3 or 4 photos and turning them into collages that make them look like film posters. Well, maybe that's a bit of a stretch but you know what I mean. Nostalgio is a very cool free photo application for iOS that features a whole bunch of templates for creating photo collages, borders and filters to sparkle-up your social media feeds.   Nostagio is an ...  More

Nostalgio Oct 21st 2012

Have voice control over your photo slideshows

Developers' IT-Effects might not realize it but they might well have produced an app here that will be of great benefit to small children and the disabled. V.I.P. is a photo application that works on the voice control concept and delivers an interactive slide show of pictures from the net. And with mobile iDevices like the iPhone, iPod Touch and the very user friendly IPad the norm these days, V.I.P. proves itself to be a perfect way for the very young or the physically disadvantaged to have control of their slideshows. On the other hand, if the rest of us are just feeling lazy and can't ...  More

V.I.P Oct 14th 2012

Turn your photos into magnificent collages

There's no doubt that the two effects that dominate the field of photosharing right now. The first is the Instagram style of photo 'warping' and the other is grouping lots of related photos together into one larger image. Both can be achieved by using a good image editing software but both benefit from using apps that are specifically developed for the purpose. You wouldn't attempt creating an Instagram-style photo on your regular software and likewise with a photo collage maker. Beezmap's Online Photo Collage Maker creates attractive photo collages simply, easily and completely free. ...  More

Beezmap Sep 8th 2012

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